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Will you find your fit in one of these top 5? Check out these growing industries to shape your next career move…


Regardless of where you are in your career path, the thought may cross your mind to explore other industries. For younger clients and children of clients (think Future Focus!), it can be something that they explore for the beginning of their adult lives. At Crosworks, we support open exploration at any point in your career. This is why we are giving you the top 5 growing industries to keep a tab on in the coming years.


The growth of health and healthcare should surprise no one – with the baby boomer generation reaching retirement and beyond, social security is growing. More members of the American population are dealing with healthcare issues associated with old age. This means: more retirement centers, more staffing, more suppliers, and all the support that goes into providing necessary healthcare. And, with the upcoming election in the coming year, there may be changes in national healthcare options that could influence the industry as well as pharmaceutical production. Regardless if the industry holds your interest, it is a unique time to keep an eye on the healthcare field in America.


Construction is growing for multiple reasons. With longer summers in the last few years, there has been more time for construction companies to work further into the year. Though winter still comes, companies prepare for more operation, and growth is a result. With improved infrastructure, transportation methods, and communication, results economic prosperity. And, a lot of the money that goes into these projects turns into construction work. The growth of the construction industry is an exciting and positive sign for our country.


Similar to construction, updates in transportation and logistics are another sign of economic progress. Better communication and abilities for products and services to travel across the country means more productive businesses. With a shift to electric-running transportation that comes with technological advancement, the transportation industry will also experience shifts in size and financing. Overall, logistics and transportation will grow with technological growth, so prospects are looking up in the years to come!


Financial services are growing as the economy expands locally and globally. Cryptocurrencies have become a norm, and there has been a surge of growth within the sector for financial advisors, investments, and structural changes. It signals shifts to come for established members of the financial community, so if you’re looking to get into Finance, consider a move in the near future!


Green energy and manufacturing are intensifying, and taking off in job availability. Manufacturing goes hand in hand with progressive green energy development. New technology, facilities, vehicles, and general parts will be made with “green” products and research, so the industry is set to expand in the coming years.

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