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Whether you’re aiming for a career change, looking for a better work environment or looking to climb the career ladder, since you’re reading this post, it’s very possible that presenting yourself as “hireable” is one of your top priorities this year. Meeting with a coach to discuss your career should be something you consider but, for now, let’s discuss six easy ways to be more hireable this year.

Know Your Skills WELL

Being aware of your strengths and communicating them in a compelling way is what gives you what authors Ash Ali and Ashan Kubba call “The Unfair Advantage.” Spend time reflecting on why you have the unique capabilities for the job you’re applying for.

Work Your Skills

While knowing your skills is an asset, honing your skills is even more important. A lot of skills in today’s work environment are ever-changing and evolving based on technological advancements. Ensure that you’re staying up-to-date with trends in order to be ready for your next position.

Have a Mentor

Meeting with someone on a regular basis who has the job that you want is a good way to get a glimpse of what they do on a daily and weekly basis. It not only helps you decide if you’d like to be in a similar role, but it gives you an idea of what is required to do the work.

Keep Your Resume and Portfolio Updated

This should be a no-brainer, but it’s so easy to neglect the updating of your credentials. Resumes and portfolios always can be spruced up. So that this step isn’t intimidating to do every year, set aside 15 minutes in your calendar every quarter to add any updates or make necessary changes.

Network, Network, Network

Building connections through in-person events and online is a key way to increase people’s awareness of you. If people know who you are, what you do and, most importantly, how you can help them, you’ll be considered when the time comes to hire for the position you’re pining for.

It’s not always easy to get the job you want, but following these four steps will help you increase your odds. Meeting with a career coach to help you assess your skills and to develop a plan that fits your specific situation is best. Crosworks’ coaches are specially trained to help you land the career you’re passionate about and will work with you wherever you are in your journey. The best part is, your initial consultation is free. What do you have to lose?

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