The Birkman Method ®

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The Birkman Method® assessment provides strategic personality and occupational data to understand particular needs, motivations, strengths and behavioral qualities within leaders, employees, students, and teams.

Birkman is proven to be both valid and reliable. Millions of people and thousands of companies around the world using it to increase self-awareness, develop teams and individuals, increase effectiveness and reduce professional stress.

In order to understand each individual, we use a combination of personal interviews, self-reflection exercises and the Birkman Method assessment to create a complete picture. This picture helps guide action toward getting the individual or the team to its optimal work environment… an environment that both improves results and enhances job satisfaction.

Why Birkman is Better

The Birkman Method®

Reaches further into personality than any other assessment, allowing for individuals to truly understand not only who they are, but why.

The Birkman Method helps individuals better understand themselves and their “best-fit” work environment. You’ll be able to recognize and better respond to sources of stress, stay positive and productive, and identify a career and culture best suited to meet your specific goals and needs. Learn More…

The Birkman Method® assesses behaviors, motivations, and interests to help determine the type of college environment and career path that is best suited for each student. Once the students’ optimal path is determined, he/she can use this information to drive choice of major, school, internships and other activities in order to be better prepared for that first job opportunity. Learn More…

At the organizational level, the Birkman Method® can dramatically improve interpersonal relations, leadership, transitions, and teamwork and tangible results! If you look beyond functional disciplines—sales, operations, finance, R&D, etc.—and marshal the diverse strengths of the individuals, imagine how much more you can collectively accomplish! Learn More…


The Birkman Method

In the late 1940’s, while developing a psychological screening test for the U.S. Air Force, WWII veteran Roger Birkman asked himself: how is it that two individuals can respond so differently to the same stress-inducing situation?
The answer—which led to a Ph.D. thesis, a training institute, and now, certified consultants providing services in 22 languages worldwide—was this: each individual has particular underlying needs and motivations. These deep-seated needs and motivations, in turn, drive the individual’s occupational interests, perceptions and behaviors (including how they respond to stress). So what’s “normal”—or ideal—for you may be the complete opposite for someone you work with. Or report to. Or manage. There is no one “right way” to deal with everyone, but the more you can understand the individual’s mindset—and your own—the better your chances for success.

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