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Be kind, happy. Fix what’s missing. 

If there ever was a year for figurative flight paths to cross and cause chaos, it would have been this past year. Thankfully for the Crosworks team, they had Beth Smith in the control tower directing every move 

With a background in data management, administration and event planning, Beth thrives on order and procedure. And with two young boys at home—ages 9 and 11—she knows a thing or two (hundred) about organization, schedules, remembering all the things and keeping her cool under pressure.  

Piloting the day 

When it comes to both her work and home life right now, Beth shared it’s all about “keeping track of where everyone is, where they are supposed to be and what problems might pop up.”  

On the job for Crosworks as its Office Operations Manager, Beth is always seeking the very best ways she can support the company and its team members. According to those she serves at work, “Beth is focused yet flexible, kind and detail-orientedShe serves our clients with warmth and professionalism. Truly, she is the glue that holds everything together!” 

Whether in part due to her degree in Psychology or past work in the non-profit realm, Beth has always enjoyed learning about and understanding other people. I feel grateful that I am in an environment where I get to watch people discover new things about themselves and figure out what they need to succeed in their career and life, she shared. 

While at home with her family, Beth enjoys spending time going on hikes and playing board games with her two sons and husband. Right now, they are catching up on all the Marvel movies and old seasons of The Amazing Race. Like many of us this past year, Beth and her family have spent a lot more time togetherThey have enjoyed more visits to local Columbus Metro Parks and working on house projects, and they look forward to traveling again as a family. 

Looking toward the horizon

As the “rock” of the office, Beth is organized, independent, thoughtful, action-oriented and service-focused. However, to keep everyone else moving in the right direction at the right time, Beth realizes she also needs to focus routinely on grounding herself. “Personally, in this new year, I want to gain clarity on how I can create better, longlasting habits that add to my health and the health of my family,” said Beth.  

What’s one habit we think would benefit anyone, especially given recent public health challenges? It’s a piece of advice given by Beth herself: “A simple walk around the block can make most things better. 


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