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Breaking Down the High-Performance Pyramid

Identifying the qualities of effective, resilient leaders has been elusive. Emphasis is often placed on cognitive abilities but there is more to the picture than intelligence. Even the most cunning leaders may fold in the face of stress or experience burnout resulting in less effective leadership behaviors. Assessing leaders through the scope of the High-Performance Pyramid can provide a more accurate prediction of long-term performance, particularly under stress and in rapidly changing environments. Here’s a closer look at the tiers of the High-Performance Pyramid that serve as the foundation for effective leadership.

If leaders don’t take the time to put on their own air masks first, they won’t have the capacity to help others be their best selves.

Physical Capacity

Without physical capacity, it’s impossible to maintain peak mental performance. Lacking physical energy can lead to being more tired, declining mental fortitude and sharpness and an inability to persevere during the bigger climbs. Therefore, prioritizing physical activity and a healthy diet are essential for strong performance in the workplace. 

Emotional Capacity

An ability to understand, identify and communicate emotions can drive performance and promote engagement. Conversely, ignoring or expecting others to understand your emotions can drain performance capacity and create a tense work environment. Focusing on the importance of emotional intelligence and Practices like mindfulness and meditation can be beneficial.

Mental Capacity

Mental capacity ties together physical and emotional energy to focus on tasks at hand and tap into creative problem-solving energy. Your ability to manage time, think critically and draw upon new sources with an open mind is dependent on your ability to allow time for mental renewal and recovery. This is the level of the High-Performance Pyramid where traditional leadership performance programs focus most.

Spiritual Capacity 

Spiritual capacity defines your “why.” It is the source of your determination and motivation that drives you to keep moving ahead, adapting and growing. While physical stamina and emotional fortitude allow the space to forge ahead, it’s the spiritual component that ignites your sense of purpose. What is your “why”?

If you are seeking organizational leadership training that focuses on the complete picture of performance with the High-Performance Pyramid, contact Crosworks to learn more. 

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