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During last summer, I had the opportunity to work at Crosworks. My daily routine involved preparing the coaches for their day, organizing files and conducting research on various subjects. As part of my internship at Crosworks, like every other intern, I was required to take the Birkman™ assessment.

At that point, I had already declared my major as biomedical engineering. When I received my Birkman™ results, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my number one career path aligned with engineering, while my second option encompassed life, physical and social sciences. These two fields combine perfectly to form my major, biomedical engineering. Looking back, it’s clear why I felt such a strong passion for my chosen field. My personality traits were an excellent match for this career path. According to the Birkman™ assessment, I possess a unique combination of practical and visual aptitude, which leads to a talent for design and engineering.

Through personal observations and the support of the Birkman™ assessment, I have gained a strong conviction that I made the right decision in selecting my major. I am genuinely excited about the possibilities that lie ahead, knowing that my chosen field resonates with my innate strengths and interests.

In high school, I put in an incredible amount of effort into school, all with the hope of getting into the college of my choice. Through this, I developed a work ethic that set me apart from many of my peers. Even so, entering college was a huge shock. Every single class was filled with extremely smart, competitive and hardworking students. Suddenly, I wasn’t at the top of the class anymore. In fact, I found myself struggling to pass a math class. It was a blow to my confidence. It made me question my own abilities and I felt like I just didn’t measure up to my peers. I was trying to keep up with my peers, and it felt like I was drowning. I began to doubt myself, wondering if I was cut out for this level of competition.

Despite the difficulties I was facing, I discovered that I genuinely enjoyed the content I was learning. Every day, I was getting more and more passionate about my future career. I was determined to succeed and poured everything I had into my studies. I utilized tutors, devoted countless hours to studying, participated in class and more.

What I learned during my first year as an engineering student is that it is no walk in the park. It’s undeniably tough. There were days when the only thing that kept me going was my passion for my field. I came to understand that regardless of the major you choose, there will always be difficult classes and moments that make you question yourself. But when your core passion is aligned with your future career, it gives you the strength to persevere. I still have a lot of things to figure out, but what I do know is that I genuinely love what I’m doing now, and I care deeply about the impact I’ll make in the future. If that passion is what moves me forward through the demanding path of engineering, that’s more than enough.

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