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Can Hobbies Make You Better at Your Job?

For many people, hobbies are a way to get out of the work mindset and enjoy free time. However, hobbies can actually boost your professional skills and make you better at your job—and you may not even realize it. Studies have shown that participating in after-work hobbies has a measurable impact on work performance. Interestingly, the effect is amplified for hobbies that are unrelated to tasks you perform at work. For example, practicing yoga outside of a stressful office can help you cope with your hectic work schedule and tight deadlines much more effectively. If you need more reasons to spend more time on your favorite activities to refuel outside of work, consider the following ways in which hobbies can positively impact your work performance.

Cultivate Discipline

Whether you enjoy cooking, woodworking, sewing or playing a musical instrument, you know that practice makes perfect. Learning new hobbies requires you to buckle down and practice new skills, which cultivates patience and discipline. That dedication easily translates to a work environment and can result in ongoing career growth.

Practice Mindfulness

You may associate mindfulness with yoga or meditation, but there are many hobbies that can let you practice mindfulness, which in turn can help you better manage stress. Taking a walk, reading a book or gardening all can help you immerse yourself in your surroundings and live in the moment.

Build Social Skills

Not all hobbies are solo activities. If you enjoy team sports, group hiking, tabletop games, or volunteering, then you are constantly building social skills that can make you a more effective communicator. In the workplace, strong communication skills and an understanding of team dynamics can make you a leading contributor in boosting productivity in your workplace.

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