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40 years ago, Crosworks founder Celia Crossley put her vision into a reality with the belief that “every employee, at any level, can and should do work that both moves the organization forward and provides personal fulfillment.” Working both with organizations and individuals, Crosworks exemplifies proven methods to maximize productivity, establish reachable career goals, and assist in follow through to put the clients plan into motion. 

The Person Matters 

Taking a personal approach for individuals to identify next steps for advancement or to complete a career transition, Crosworks has aided countless professionals in achieving their career goals. Exploring the person as an individual, naming strengths and skills, Crosworks helps the client create a personal brand to market into the workforce.  

Likewise, Crosworks has consulted with many organizations of all sizes, helping them to meet their objectives, increase employee engagement, develop effective leadership, and support staff through career and company transitions.  

We asked Celia to ask her some questions about her vision and how it was brought to life. Reflecting upon the past 40 years and the progress Crosworks has made.  

Crosworks Celia Crossley

What are some of your favorite Crosworks memories? 

I was working with a family practice physician who was worn down by very long hours most of which were spent on the computer and getting home around 8 pm missing family dinner and putting his children to bed. When I asked him, what was the best part of his work, he answered, “technology.” I suggested he reach out to the vendor who was supplying the medical records. He went on to work for them and shortly after sent me this note,” I used to help 4000 patients a year and now I can help millions and have time with my family.” Today he is an International Vice President for them. 

Another memory that stands out, was when I was asked to go into Lifeline of Ohio and evaluate the executive team to help identify a successor. We worked through our processes and a replacement was named. That CEO, who we were able to help identify and transition, is retiring this year and had a long and impactful stay with the organization.  

I was also extremely excited to learn that a past client recently went on to start a new business and came back to us for help with it. In the early 90s, Crosworks assisted 3 new company owners as they worked through who their new leader should be. Through their assessments and work, we were able to decide who would be best to lead and 12-15 years later, they sold their company for millions. After the sale, one of the three new business owners branched out on a new endeavor, and it made me elated to see that he came back to use us for help aligning the leadership team for success. 

When you started Crosworks, what was your vision? How has it changed over the last 40 years?  

My vision has not changed. It’s always been everyone in the world in the right job. find the right; I believe that everyone deserves to work where they are valued and add value. Really, Crosworks hasn’t changed their vision, we just have gotten better and stronger! 

What are some stand-out accomplishments Crosworks has had over the years?  

In the early 90s I was quoted 3 times in the Wall Street Journal and that was a huge accomplishment. Additionally, just working with several thousand clients and receiving their feedback of how we helped them gives me a deep sense of accomplishment for Crosworks.  

 Is there anything you would do more of or do differently if you could? 

No, I have no regrets. Everything we have done and accomplished is what brought us to where we are today. 

 What is the best part of your job?  

The best part for me is when client has an “a ha” moment. When the client see the elements of their career assessment and reflect on why things work for them and why certain things do not, a light goes on and they have this profound understanding and realization of who they are and where they want to be. 

I also love when I have been able to make a connection for a client to a former client and a successful work relationship happens. Relationships are everything in life and work. 

 What are you most proud of? 

The legacy of Crosworks. I was able to sell Crosworks to Shelly who saw value in our business and wanted it to be ongoing. It’s amazing when you build something, and you find someone who wants to be part of it and continue it because of the impact it has had on organizations and individuals. 

I also had a client who was one of the owners of technology company I helped with some interpersonal relationship issues with the leaders, and 25 years later sent me a note saying, “your work with us made the difference in our making million or nothing… Thank you.” They are too many others to list here! 

 If there was one thing about career coaching/counseling you would like people to know, that they may not, what would it be? 

Career coaching is not counseling. It is like football, and you are the quarterback. Your coach runs you through drills, you practice plays and YOU run the plays and score the touchdown. The coach is supplying guidance to help you succeed. Clients often come to us very frustrated working for a “bad boss.” We can help them identify the “bad” they encounter with the boss and help them discover what a good boss would be. You can’t control the boss’ behavior only your own. Try another communication technique or fire up a job search. 

Additionally, we cannot help you unless you want the help. For example, a mother cannot call and make an appointment for her son. The son must take the necessary steps to make the change for him and his career. You must have some skin in the game. 


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