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Everyone in the Right Job

When it comes to landing the perfect job, each of us uses a different tactic. Some might solicit advice from friends and family, while others choose to go with what is familiar and comfortable. But if you really want to enjoy a fulfilling career, Celia Crossley suggests you first consider and define your personal needs and values.

With decades of experience in Human Resources and Career Strategy, Celia understands what it takes to help someone find not just a good job, but the right job. “I work to define the connection between motivations, behaviors, personal values and workplace satisfaction. And I show clients how to align all four in order to maximize their own potential and establish the direction they want to take their career,” shared Celia. “Knowing yourself and your needs will help improve performance and reduce stress and burnout.”

The right fit career

Through Crosworks—which she founded 40 years ago this year—Celia has worked with hundreds of professionals to help them define their environmental needs from people relationships, work rules of engagement and pace. “Once a client knows these areas, they are better prepared to deal with an ever-changing work environment,” said Celia. “Since the average tenure in a job has shrunk to three years, change is coming at a faster pace, from new work relationships to workplaces. Helping clients define and know how to use this information is an ongoing goal.”

Celia applies the right-fit, introspective approach to her personal career growth and refinement as well. In the coming year, she hopes to increase time with others and “continue to make great connections through clients, friends, and my Rotary Group.” Celia also serves on a national committee for the Women’s Presidents’ Organization, a worldwide peer advisory group for female entrepreneurs. WPONext is a new category of membership for those who have moved on, sold a business or retired but were involved with the organization. “I look forward to helping WPONext clearly define plans for 2021 to grow our membership category and create meaningful programming and connections,” shared Celia.

Balance at home

To nurture her passion for helping others pursue their best fit job, Celia finds gravity in cultivating peace through her home life and connections. She recently took on the domestic reorganization of her home, clearing out and reorganizing many spaces to bring fresh order to her household. Celia grounds herself by taking walks when the sun is shining, maintaining an exercise program, cooking new recipes, reading and enjoying a few Netflix shows.

This past year, Celia shared, “I played golf with friends and ate meals outside while I could. Of course, I had much less time with family and friends and seeing clients in person.” But the coming months look hopeful, and she looks forward to renewed connections. “Real in-person time with my family where we can share a meal and a hug—This is clearly what I want to do,” said Celia.

Natural coexistence

It feels safe to say Celia enjoys an admirable balance between her career and personal life that she has worked thoughtfully to establish. That same feeling of harmony is what she strives to deliver her clients as she ensures they search for jobs that are the right fit given their personal interests and communication style. When thinking about both her work and home right now, Celia said her life is “Pieceful, doing a piece of this and that all day.”

To Celia, work with her clients and interactions with friends are symbiotic—there is no pushing or prying, just mutual respect and understanding as the relationship grows organically. “Should I be talking with a stranger on an airplane ride or waiting in a long line, I might ask how they are doing,” Celia said. “Not sure any advice would be offered from me. I’ve learned that advice should be solicited and not offered unless asked for.”

At Crosworks, we are humbled by Celia’s foundational work of establishing our consulting business and its proven approach and values. Her experience, perspective and insight are highly coveted and fuel our entrepreneurial spirit in serving our clients. 

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