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Dear clients and friends,

After more than 36 years helping other individuals and businesses transition, it is time for me to transition. Crosworks is pleased to announce a new owner — business executive Shelly Stotzer.

Over the past several months, Shelly and I have worked closely as she took the lead in managing Crosworks, and I have been chief trainer and founding consultant. I’ve enjoyed each minute of watching Shelly take the reins and embrace Crosworks’ Methodologies – career assessment and appraisal, the Birkman Method, career transition, corporate coaching, consulting and team building, and more.

After working with Crosworks in her own career transition several years ago, Shelly said, “I came to believe so firmly in the company and its processes that I wanted to engage in a more meaningful way. Crosworks has had tremendous success in helping individual clients find their ‘right’ jobs, and in supporting organizations big and small as they build teams, develop leaders, improve productivity, and yield tangible results. I’m looking forward to extending our reach and taking Crosworks to the next level.”

I plan to continue doing what I believe is the best job for me at Crosworks, coaching and consulting with individual and corporate clients. I am also very relieved to no longer have to do my least favorite things, like QuickBooks.

As you proceed through life and work, please know that you could find no better resource than Shelly to meet your transition needs, coach you in your career path, help define your focus and direction, and align your corporate teams.

And please know, too, that I am very grateful to you: You’ve been an integral role in the success of Crosworks.

We want to continue to do everything we can to continue to support your success, too. At Crosworks, our vision continues: “Everyone in the world in the right job.”

I’m in mine!


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