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As children, we are told we can be anything we want to be with hard work, determination, and education. From Pre-K to college graduate, we are continually asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” And most people can’t say that their answer stayed consistent over time. As we grow and learn about the many occupations of the world, our idea of a fulfilling career can change considerably. We try things out, pick a major, study, and research, only to find that it wasn’t what we thought it would be. This practice of taking two steps forward to take one step back and turn to go down a different road can be tedious, confusing, and sometimes crippling to our long-term career goals and our career clarity.


When Libbi Vynalek was faced with a need for a career change, she realized that she had a variety of experience across several career fields, (including non-profit, higher education, event planning, leadership development and business development), but felt she didn’t have enough of any specific one to move forward with it. This led her to Eden Sulzer, VP of Crosworks and Career Coach, to help her map out her next steps and provide clarity when evaluating her skills and talents.

“After working with Eden and completing their program, I had a clear understanding of where I wanted to take my career.”

Libbi and Eden worked together to establish which career direction would be the most beneficial, considering her vast experiences across several different industries. After that was determined, they completely re-wrote Libbi’s resume and LinkedIn profile to make it consistent for her personal brand, highlighting her skill set.

the right career fit


As a direct result of working with Crosworks, Libbi was able to filter through job postings and identify which ones were the best fit for her next career step. Once she started getting interviews, Eden helped her prepare and boosted her confidence before taking her seat on the other side of the interview table.

“Ultimately, I landed a job making $30K more than my previous full-time job, with amazing benefits. I felt prepared for the interview process and Eden also helped me finalize a presentation that was needed for a final interview.”

After working with Crosworks, Libbi knows that she can rely on them for future career needs and recognizes the value and advantages she received working with a Crosworks Career Coach. She describes the entire process as eye-opening, decisive, and enjoyable. The Crosworks Career coaches acutely listened and articulated her experiences in a way that provided clarity and a resolution when trying to figure out her career journey.

At Crosworks, we love seeing our clients succeed and value the relationships we build along the way. Our mission to empower individuals and organizations to perform their best work while providing personal fulfillment is always at the forefront of our minds when we go through our strategic career coaching process. We are honored and humbled by Libbi’s positive words about her experiences with Crosworks and cannot wait to watch her grow and succeed. 

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