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As humans, we are ingrained with an instinct that guides us to make decisions throughout our lives. “Trusting your gut” is a phrase often heard when seeking advice or guidance. Sometimes, we see red flags or indicators we choose either to act upon or disregard. In our professional experience, paying attention to certain changes within your company culture or job description and being proactive is an extremely critical tool in determining your future.

When Marc P. started to see a shift in his company atmosphere, he paid attention and acted. Certainly, the Covid-19 pandemic altered many organizations’ practices and everyday operations. From moving to remote work to department re-organizations to changing responsibilities, a significant part of the American workforce changed and evolved. Marc recognized these changes in his workplace and decided to take action to get to know his work style, focus on his strengths and contributions, and position himself as a valuable part of his evolving organization.

Marc worked with his company for 14 years and, throughout that time, held numerous titles and responsibilities. With a looming disconnect presented by the pandemic and by “trusting his gut,” he reached out to Crosworks with the goal to prepare himself for any upcoming changes.

After Marc started the career assessment program with Crosworks, his company re-organized and he found himself forced to look for an opportunity outside of the company. After 14 years, the idea of job seeking, interviewing, and resume writing seemed overwhelming and, quite frankly, it had been a long time since he had to do this. He needed to brush up on his skills and, thankfully, he was already working with Crosworks, who could help!

Interview Strategy


Marc worked with Emily Smith, leadership and career specialist at Crosworks for the duration of his assessment. We talked to Marc about his experience with Crosworks.

What led you to seek career counseling from Crosworks?

I had been in my position for too long and needed a fresh perspective. I noticed a shift in my responsibilities and work environment, mostly due to the pandemic, and decided to be proactive. After changes happened within the organization, I needed assistance in preparing for an interview and those types of things that I hadn’t done in 14 years. Crosworks helped me with that.

Can you describe the process/experience with Crosworks?

Emily and I met about every two weeks. We moved at the speed I was comfortable with and the total process took about 12 weeks. We did a Birkman Assessment, took time to understand my workplace needs, worked on my elevator pitch, prepared for interviews, and did some resume work.

What were some of the most valuable parts of working with Emily and Crosworks?

I would say one of the most valuable parts for me was understanding and highlighting my strengths and learning to apply them to the job.

When participating in the Birkman Assessment, what did you learn about yourself?

The key thing was to understand the best fit for me and be able to communicate that in a confident manner. Birkman and Crosworks helped me to accomplish that.

What are some key techniques you learned about interviewing and developing your own “elevator pitch?”

I learned how to say more with less—being “to the point” and communicating my best attributes clearly, efficiently, and swiftly.

How was your overall experience with Crosworks?

My overall experience was very good, very positive. The process did what I wanted it to do; it gave me insight into myself and my work style, as well as what I needed to perform my best.

Would you recommend working with Crosworks to others? Why?

Yes, absolutely. This process really helped me focus on my strengths and what I can bring to an organization. I think everyone can benefit from that.

Since working with Crosworks, Marc secured a position with a new organization. He’s applying what he learned about himself. Regardless of where you are in your career, whether you want to change inside or outside of your current position, Crosworks can help. Our team offers important tools and insights to help you reach your goals and to perform your best. To learn more about what we do and how we can help, visit our website or contact us for a free consultation.

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