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You’ve been job searching for a while, tirelessly sending out resumes, feeling frustrated by the lack of response and the impersonal nature of the job search process. Perhaps a resume alone isn’t enough to secure a fulfilling career. A resume is just one piece of a comprehensive career search strategy. Even in today’s technological world, a human-centric approach to resume writing is, what we believe at Crosworks, the best way to land the job you’re truly passionate about. We’d love for you to contact us and let us help you with your resume, but for now, here are some things to keep in mind as you apply for jobs.

Beyond Bullet Points

Your story is more than a few list items on a piece of paper. Showcasing your passion and ambition is crucial to standing out with your resume. Here’s a tip: instead of simply listing all the things you did in your role, include the reasons you did them, the results you achieved, and/or the expertise you gained. 

Authentic Connection

Your resume is a tool to connect with potential employers. It’s true that many resumes filter through an applicant tracking system (ATS). But the point is, once they make it through an ATS, they’re read by a human! Craft a resume that tells a story that will emotionally resonate with its reader. It’ll definitely increase the odds that you make it through the second round.

Yes, a resume is a tool to bridge the gap between where you are and your best-fit position. But it’s more likely to work in your favor when it reflects your authentic self. If you prioritize and communicate your heart and passion over the lists of tasks you perform daily, you’ll see a big change, not only in your progress during interviews but also in your outlook on your career search. If you’d like to learn more about how to weave more authenticity into your resume, check out Crosworks’ Resume Writing Services and schedule a call to learn more.


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