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At Crosworks Career and Talent Strategists, we have an experienced, professional team of executive, leadership and career coaches. Each has a unique background that brings well founded insights to their coaching-client relationships.

This month, we’d like you to meet Eden Sulzer, executive coach, and hear directly from Eden about her own professional journey.
How many years have you been coaching? Four years, officially, but plenty more before I had the title (lol).

Eden, what led you to become a coach?
I had exposure to coaching while I was at NCR, Cardinal Health and in my PR agency life and was intrigued by the idea that I could help people build confidence and capability – as a job! My mom was a psychotherapist and, as a kid, I remember the impact she had, helping people access resources inside and outside of themselves. After 20+ years in communications, public relations and marketing, I decided I had to take the leap! (I’m so glad I did!)

What was your last job before you started executive coaching?
I was on the marketing team at Cardinal Health; I worked primarily with independent pharmacy owners. The highlight of my marketing career was creating a program called Women in Pharmacy, which helped female pharmacists become pharmacy owners. Many of the women who went through our ownership “boot camps” went on to buy or start up their own pharmacy. In essence, I had the opportunity to coach thousands of women and build a supportive community of coaches across the country, focused on entrepreneurship and so much more.

How would you describe your style?
Warm, empathetic, creative, positive . . . I love to laugh and try not to take anything too seriously. I also can be direct when it’s needed, when people are “stuck” in their behaviors (or thinking) and getting in their own way. I form deep relationships with my clients. I celebrate their triumphs and wins and walk alongside them in times of frustration and challenge.

What types of clients do you work with most often?
My executive coaching clients, and those of Crosworks in general, represent all levels of management – from first-time managers to C-level leaders. Most are considered high potential in terms of their performance trajectory. As a coach, I have the opportunity to help them build upon their strengths, level up and learn new techniques to lead with authenticity and impact.

What are some of the most impactful outcomes for a person who participates in executive coaching?
There are many, from being promoted to moving into a new role, inside or outside of their organization. From an interpersonal standpoint, the outcomes are powerful; clients develop healthier relationships with their colleagues and direct reports and often resolve areas of interpersonal conflict. Many clients grow in confidence and clarity; they walk away from the coaching experience with a vision of who they are and what success looks like, both personally and professionally.

What should be considered when contemplating whether to hire a coach?Working with a coach requires commitment of time, attention and the willingness to look inward.  Clients who get the most out of coaching are at a place in their careers where they are ready to show up and fully engage in the process.

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