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If ever there was an individual with the multi-faceted experience needed to help others seek greater achievement and job satisfaction, it would be Crosworks Leadership & Career Strategist, Deb Mitchell. Through the nurturing of clarity and confidence for each client, Deb helps others face the future with enthusiasm through fresh perspectives and intentional planning. 

With decades of experience in corporate communications, executive leadership, coaching, consulting and board member service (whew!), Deb Mitchell has focused much of her career on making the complicated simple. Her artistry in creating new approaches and helping others understand their strengths brings focus to their challenges and opportunities. Deb incorporates renowned tools into her coaching, including the Birkman, Hogan and Strengthsfinder assessments and Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology—all in which she is certified. 

Clarity during uncertain times

Many continue to wonder what the collective future may hold after the current pandemic, both professionally and personally. Deb shared, “It would certainly be great to gain more clarity around how the world may have changed forever in many ways after 2020 and what that means for how we should live now and also for future generations.” She continued, “Personally, I believe clarity comes and goes as we evolve on our personal pathways, so I’m not sure where and when the ‘fog will clear’ next!”

Certainly, the pandemic has forced most to think critically about their work and home lives—how they schedule and spend their time, what truly fulfills them and how they might want to reshape their career direction, position and/or focus. Deb stands ready to help clients explore their needs during these unprecedented times. “I’m always searching for new tools and approaches that can be used to help give clients the ability to gain more forward momentum and breakthrough moments,” said Deb. She also spends time continuing her coaching education; exploring and learning about new programs to bolster her service.

Thankful for the journey

When asked what she does to stay grounded, Deb said she finds it essential to ground herself in gratitude. “For me, it’s really about taking time each day to reflect on life with gratitude. It’s important we appreciate the beauty in each day. And then, certainly family and friends keep me grounded as well,” she shared. Being with and keeping up with family and friends is one of the most important things to Deb outside of her work. She also enjoys interior and exterior design, volunteering and mentoring, her “for fun” and business book clubs, and beach walking.

Deb’s gratitude assuredly drives her energy, enthusiasm and optimism for her work and authentic desire to help her clients become their best selves. When thinking over the past year, Deb can only think of the positive influence the pandemic has had on her partnerships. “Perhaps both my clients and I have become willing to be more vulnerable and transparent,” she said. In fact, Deb has always subscribed to limiting negative thinking as much as possible and advises others to do the same. “Never let yourself get stopped from doing something you want by replaying old “stories” or by fear. Don’t limit yourself!”

Learn more about Deb Mitchell on LinkedIn. 

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