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Why did you choose your degree?

I’ve been thinking about an article in the Wall Street Journal last Saturday, “The Right Way to Choose A College,” by Denise Pope, co-founder of Challenge Success. Relative to the current news around getting into the “right” college, she makes the point that what students do at college matters much more than where they go; that the key to success is engagement inside the classroom and out.

I agree.  When there’s a lack of engagement during the time at school – a sense of “I’m just here to get a degree” – the results are not optimal. Students often leave college with double or triple majors, and that’s an accomplishment, something to be proud of. But sometimes the degrees alone don’t translate into clarity around where their passion lies. Often, somewhere along the path, college became about just getting it done.

When your passion aligns with your task at hand, hard work becomes second nature.

College is an important time to dig in deep. Insist on making every day count.  This is your opportunity to explore and find out what suits you. Take advantage of internships – they are important. Participate in extracurricular activities. Take advantage of friendly contacts, guidance services and professors. If there’s a course you’re curious about or a part-time job that intrigues you, go for it. College is an opportunity to learn more about who you really are.

For parents, think about college in a holistic way and know that the road to a successful career and life is not necessarily ivy-covered. Help your students find the college that offers an experience suited to them. It’s not only about the right major, but about the right-fit jobs those majors lead to. Encourage them to network and to talk to people doing a broad spectrum of jobs your students believe they might be interested in.

Parents: Encourage your aspiring young professionals to investigate various careers, network with friends and family, and learn as much as possible about their interests before college

At Crosworks, we believe every person should be in their best fit job. We work with both students and recent graduates who need a little help finding the clarity and the focus to perform best. Our Future Focus Program helps students explore motivations and interests, identify potential career paths, and plan their studies, internships, and network accordingly.

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