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Finding the right fit with a company culture you can relate to can mean the difference between starting a lifelong career and filling a gap on your resume. It’s important to understand how to identify an organization’s culture and values before you accept a position. As you’re searching for a new job to take the next step in your career, keep the following tips in mind for assessing the company culture of prospective employers. 

Identify Your Values 

Before you start judging employers based on their culture and values, you should consider which values are most important to you. Think about your previous work experience. What’s been the most impactful? Honesty, efficiency, quality, or positivity? There are no wrong answers when it comes to your cultural values, but you should clearly define your values before you start heading into interviews. 

Ask the Right Questions

Once you’ve nailed down the values you prioritize, you can start thinking about which questions to ask during job interviews. Remember, interviews are an opportunity for you to scope out an employer, just as they’re considering whether they think you’re a good fit for a role. First, ask prospective employers to define what they believe their culture represents and what they value most. Then, ask for real-life examples of how they promote those values. It’s also useful to ask what types of employees have been most successful in similar roles to the one you’re applying for, and why they were such a high performer. 

Observe the Office Environment 

Depending on the location of your interview, you may have an opportunity to witness the workplace environment directly, so you can decide whether you see yourself thriving there. If it is a remote position, ask how the company engages employees and builds relationships within and among teams. You also might look to external resources, such as review sites and industry forums, to gain more perspective on how the company works and what they value most. 

Job searching can be overwhelming, yet Crosworks offers numerous resources to help you land in the right place. Connect with us to explore our career assessment, interview coaching, and resume writing services to help you design the career path that best suits you. 

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