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The past year seemed to take a lot away from us—socializing, traveling and working together in-person. At times, it might have felt we were robbed of some freedoms, perhaps even trapped. Yet to Eden Sulzer, the freshly found abundance of time alone gave her the gratifying opportunity to be still, look inward and self-reflect.

Finding greater meaning

As a Leadership & Career Strategist with Crosworks, Eden excels at helping her clients gain greater self-awareness, grow in confidence and prepare for professional or organizational change. After months of mandated adjustments across our personal and work lives, Eden appreciates those who seek self-imposed shifts.

With the impact of the pandemic, I’ve seen my clients take a deeper look at their lives, and what gives them purpose,” shared Eden. “I hope this reflection continues, as we all grapple with uncertainty, yet embrace the possibility of a more meaningful career and life.”

Centering self

As she supports and inspires clients toward rewarding futures, Eden knows how imperative it is she remains focused on her own goals and direction as well. Moving forward in this new year, Eden hopes to continue to gain clarity into what gives her joy and peace. “I’ve recently started meditating again, and am getting back into yoga, both of which help clear my mind, and bring focus to what’s most important,” said Eden. I love the virtual workshops my studio, Go Yoga, offers. I’m in the midst of one called “Winter Wellness” during which about a dozen of us are learning about meditation, yoga, journaling and other aspects of self-care.

One thing that continues to be important is spending quality time with her family. Instead of running errands, driving the kids around town and traditionally networking, Eden has spent more time around the dinner table with family (Bless you, UberEats and Door Dash), walking the dog and watching movies with her pre-teen daughter, teenage son and husband. She’s also been able to enjoy more day-dates with her husband as, “It’s too cold to go out at night in the winter!”

What’s one other fun yet imperative area Eden has focused on recently? Honing her online skills. Professionally, she’s mastered the ability to engage 1:1 or with teams via Zoom, without sacrificing the quality of the experience. Personally, she’s perfected the art of placing orders online with cat-like reflexes. Assuredly, there aren’t two better competences to command as we sail into a yet uncertain year!

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