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As we all know, having the necessary skills and qualifications for a position will only get you so far.  Every day, we preach the importance of selling yourself.  And if you read our blog, you are almost certainly ahead of the curve in terms of career tips & insights.  You have the credentials, the resume looks great, and you know how to navigate the job market.  However, in many of our career counseling workshops, coaches notice one piece of the puzzle missing for so many.  Enthusiasm.

Who wants to work with someone with a gloomy demeanor?  You probably possess the required amount of enthusiasm for the role, but if the interviewer doesn’t pick up on it right away, you’ll walk away from the conversation as just another candidate.  With this in mind, how does one project enthusiasm, even when you might not be feeling it?

Bring the Right Energy

We talk to people with different “vibrations” all of the time, and with careful observation, it’s relatively easy to pick up on another person’s energy level.  Try and fine-tune your energy so it matches the mood of the conversation.  A potential career opportunity should be thrilling and invigorating for you, so harness that excitement in your language and tone.  This can apply to an interview, a phone conversation, or even an email.  For the introverted, quiet person, this may mean bringing the energy up a notch.  If you already have a bubbly personality and communicate loudly, you may want to dial it back.  Enter any conversation with your energy level in mind, and you will manifest what you desire (in this case, the job) with ease.

Use Compliments Properly

Many times, praise comes off as overbearing and annoying.  But a well-timed and smartly executed compliment will confirm your enthusiasm to whoever you talk to.  Compliment an employer on what their organization does that stands out to you.  It could relate to an interesting product, work culture, or company mission and vision.  Actively listen for anything they say that excites you, then point out how it makes you feel.  Don’t assume that they know how much you want the job, because oftentimes, they want to hear why you want it.

Be Positive No Matter What

What’s the best way to sabotage your job interview?  Project negativity and you’ll leave a sour taste in an interviewer’s mouth.  To illustrate this, let’s discuss one of the most common interview questions:

“Describe a situation when you had a conflict at work; how did you handle it?”

One could easily think of a situation like this and point out every issue and stress that the conflict caused.  However, it’s important to understand that an employer only cares about the second half of this question.  In your answer, spend more time pointing out the positive methods used to resolve the situation.  Nowadays, employers prioritize emotional intelligence, soft skills, and interpersonal ability more than ever. These traits ooze positivity and go hand in hand with enthusiasm.  Interview coaching with one of our career strategists will help you clearly and confidently convey why you’re the best fit for the role.

Want to learn more?  Check out our expert recruiter panel from last month!  We touch on enthusiasm and a bunch of other topics.  And as always, schedule a free introductory call with one of our career strategists to get in touch.

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