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The All-Star panel we hosted on Zoom yesterday went above and beyond expectations. Indeed, everyone in the audience was glad they attended and undoubtedly learned a few new things they can apply to their job search.  That’s why we’re going to share a few clips right here on our blog (along with some takeaways).  We’ve also uploaded the full session on our YouTube channel.  But for now, let’s dive in…


Laid Off?  How Should I Let People Know?


There has always been a stigma surrounding a layoff.  Often, people think that being laid off means that they were inadequate or replaceable in their roles.  However, COVID-19 has wholly upended our economy; recruiters are well aware that millions have lost their jobs.  All of our panelists emphasize the fact that you should be honest when applying and interviewing for a new position.  Beecher Hill Managing Principal Cindy Hilsheimer even reminds us that being in that situation is “an asset” and means “you’re available immediately.”

Transitioning Into the Private Sector


The panel received an interesting question from a military veteran who wants to translate his skills into the private sector.  How do those skills look to recruiters?  The panel members all explain the desirability of these skills and go on to talk about the importance of having someone available to help you “tell your story.”  Many people don’t understand the actual values of their background to a company.  Having someone take a look at your skills and let you know where and how you’d fit in the workforce will pay dividends in your job search.

Should I be Worried About Age Discrimination?


As aforementioned, COVID has negatively affected almost everyone in the workforce, even those who have held their jobs for decades.  And some people are worried about their older age as it relates to getting a job in this shrunken market.  Former Fortune 500 executive Audra Christie says, “it’s not a big deal,” so don’t make it a big deal. The panel also notes that experience should be considered an asset, especially in a time where high-level decision-making is needed.  Olive Chief Talent Officer Brian Rutkowski adds that “age is a type of diversity,” and echoes the fact that age equals experience.

These are just a few of the questions brought up during the panel, and we wish we could share all of it on our blog!  However, the clips and takeaways should bring perspective and peace of mind to those who may be unemployed during this turbulent time.  Our job search program has helped so many find amazing careers. And as always, Crosworks is here to help with expert career coaching for all individuals.

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