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You probably hear this all the time from parents and friends: “What do you want to do?”  No matter how confident your answer may be, the question is bound to create some anxiety.  Maybe you are struggling with whether to go to college or get a job out of high school.  There’s also the decision of whether to continue your current education path or pursue your first career opportunity. Don’t let others’ expectations for what’s next cloud your own.  Take control of your path with Future Focus, a program by Crosworks specifically designed to add clarity and confidence to these decisions.

Future Focus

Imagine a highly personalized approach for recent high school graduates and college-aged students. Future Focus utilizes The Birkman Method to assess your own natural interests and skills.  It then integrates a deeper understanding of these into a practical process for study and career decision-making.  This thorough assessment along with private sessions with a Career Strategist will empower future career success.

Who can benefit from Future Focus:

  • High school graduates
  • Current college and vocational students
  • Those just starting their career
Completion of this program gives students and recent grads the insights, tools and support to evaluate their options and make confident decisions for personal success.

Crosworks developed Future Focus to address the unique needs of students at every stage in their personal journey. Our Career Strategists look forward to meeting and helping you.

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