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We offer a variety of ways to engage our resume expertise. Choose an approach that best suits your needs.


Your skills and experiences, passion, and ambitions are more than bullet points. A resume alone will not pave the way to a meaningful and rewarding career. That is why Crosworks views the resume as part of a comprehensive approach to a successful career search strategy. It is seldom the place to start and is increasingly just one of many ways to share your personal career story in pursuit of new opportunities.

A resume’s effectiveness should be defined by more than its ability to pepper in keywords and incorporate search terms in a sentence. We get it; technology has an increasing role in today’s recruitment and screening processes. However, we believe your resume should authentically seek to connect you with another human and deftly target your skills and experience to the opportunity that is meaningful and rewarding to you. When it comes to telling your story, we prioritize heart over hits to successfully connect you to what’s next.

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We like to ask a few simple questions to access resume readiness.

  1. Can you name three opportunities you would like to apply for?
  2. Have you updated your resume in the last two years?
  3. Are you able to confidently articulate your three primary interests and capabilities to strangers?


If the answer to any of these questions is no, then we would love to help you find answers. Only then can your professional experiences be effectively focused, articulated and amplified in your resume, LinkedIn profile, or personal website.

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If you can answer yes, we admire your clarity and focus.

Are you looking for one-on-one, customized feedback on your current resume?

We’ve got you covered. Learn more about what makes a relevant, well-written and freshly designed resume. Then, you can apply the tools and insight you gain to complete this project on your own. Schedule a 1:1 critique of your resume with a certified career coach by clicking here.

Trying to avoid the hassle and instead seeking a certified resume writer to professionally write and design a resume for you?

Crosworks’ Academy Certified Resume Writers stand ready to narrate your professional story across a multi-format environment to successfully capture the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. For more info on our professional resume services click here.

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