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Maximize your Talent


We don’t have to tell you that retention of high performing and high potential associates is critical to your organization’s success. Engaged and fulfilled associates become the most valuable to your organization, making the difference between incremental and off-the-charts performance.

Crosworks can help you retain top talent by giving them the tools to chart a path of goal-driven development within the organization. We call this program Maximize Your Talent™, and we offering it for individuals and teams alike.


“After just finishing the program, we’re already seeing associates take ownership of their careers by working towards leadership roles and moving to new departments. In a few months, we’ll bring Crosworks back so that more associates can participate in the Maximize Your Talent program!”

— Amber Dinopoulos, Director of HR and Organizational Effectiveness, Lifeline of Ohio


Maximize Your Talent

Is a four-step career discovery program that is designed to ensure that the “development” in employee development never goes undefined or unrewarded. For some, development means skills training; for others it is an opportunistic project here or there.  Whatever the case, for too many, it’s nothing more than a small paragraph on the annual review. We believe that to retain talent and increase productivity, development must be defined between the organization and the associate, with a clear plan and tangible outcomes.

With Maximize Your Talent, or MYT for short, Crosworks has helped countless top performers and high potential teams:

  • Discover their strengths
  • Define the gap between where they are and where they would like to be
  • Set meaningful goals to achieve success
  • Hold themselves accountable, and
  • Find opportunities for sharing and continued professional growth

Making these valuable associates far less likely to take a recruiter’s call.

Crosworks Maximize Your Talent Program


Who can benefit from Maximize Your Talent?

  • Your highest performing and highest potential team members
  • Organizations committed to growing and retaining top talent
  • Those who seek to Maximize the Talent they have on the team


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We include four critical steps in the MYT program:

1 – Self-reflection

Activities: Important exercises that help people grow and develop by looking inward.

Deliverable: Inventory of accomplishments, skills, values, needs and personal brand.

2 – Goal Setting

Activities: Identify key goals and success measures and establish specific timeframes.

Deliverable: Plot path forward by quarter, Year 1, Year 3 and Year 5.

3 – Accountability

Activities: Commit, and accept responsibility for one’s actions and completion of goals.

Deliverable: Monitoring and adjustustments to plan to answer questions such as:  What did I learn?  Am I on track?  What do I need to change?  Recalibrate and maintain momentum.

4 – Sharing

Activities: Present recap of experience and career goals to leadership, reinforcing ownership and enhancing visibility.

Deliverable: Presentation that encompasses personal brand, development goals, and a plan for achievement.


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