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Our strengths and weaknesses become more powerful when we are aware of, can clearly articulate them and leverage them toward growth. One way to gain awareness and effectively utilize strengths and weaknesses is to gain the objective expertise of a career coach. Here are the top two ways that seeking out an experienced career coach can help you gain clarity, reduce stress and perform your best at work.

(Re)discover your natural superpowers

At Crosworks, we believe that being self-aware is more than understanding what you do to bother others. It’s also understanding your superpowers. It’s easy for us to overlook some of our most honed and natural skills. When we become good at something, it tends to become very commonplace to us. We often take our strengths for granted and assume these things come easily to others, too. Coaches are trained to have a good eye for skills that stand out in a person. They are capable of understanding your strengths and shining light on these superpowers to maximize your career. Having an in-depth conversation with a coach can give you the space to see those skills and strengths for yourself and help you utilize them to your full potential.


Gain awareness of your weaker areas and ways to offset them

Of course, we want to lean into our superpowers. This comes most easily. However, there are times we need to build out our toolbox to be more effective in situations. Career coaches are able to identify the skills that are important for success. We don’t want to change who you are at your core. But, being aware of areas for development and finding ways to grow may position you well for a desired role. For the weaker areas, a coach can set you up with a streamlined plan for improvement, which can reduce or eliminate imposter syndrome. 

Provide a safe place to process

Feel you can’t share what you are really thinking because you don’t want to burden your family and co-workers? Can’t risk the consequences of total candidness? Having a safe place to process your thoughts can help you sort through them, organize them and see things from a fresh perspective. This empowers you to act in deliberate ways.

Create an authentic story

Through introspection and greater self-awareness, a career coach can help you tell your story and guide you toward accomplishing those goals that are best-fit for you. Whether your aim is to take on more complicated projects, move up the ladder, or better balance your life, a coach can be an informed resource to help you take control of your career in the most authentic way.


Generally speaking, a career coach can be extremely valuable in helping you land a dream job in a shorter period of time. Not every coach approaches their work in the same way. At Crosworks, our certified career coaches can help you build a career that you’re passionate about first by providing clarity about the skills you’ve already fostered and those that need more work. Think that’s the best next step for you? Schedule a free consultation today to see what that help might look like for your specific situation.

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