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Whether your organization has had a stressful year or a groundbreaking year, goal-setting is a key moment in turning the page and embarking on progress. It’s a way to be creative and bold. For some of you, this is the most fun part about being in leadership. For others, it’s the most intimidating. Whether you feel thrilled or threatened, here are some things to keep in mind as you set goals for your organization in the new year.

Remember why you got into this business in the first place

Every organization (and every person) has a “why.” Spend some time revisiting your organization’s vision and mission. This can help ensure that your organization is anchored in meaning and purpose. Assess how you’ve kept that vision and mission in previous years before deciding how you can focus on them in the year to come. 

Make goals SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound)

If you’re going to set a goal, you need to know when you’ll be able to say, “We did it! Mission accomplished. That moment of achievement comes through setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals. For each goal that your organization sets, ensure that each of the SMART criteria is met.

Involve your team

Getting your team on board with vision casting is not only a great way to encourage collaboration, but it helps those in leadership better understand the capabilities of the team. This amounts to ensuring that goals are realistic. Come up with creative ways to get your team’s insight. Instead of sending out an email asking for ideas, host a think tank event. Or schedule an off-site function to foster constructive conversations and collaboration. 

Regularly review and adjust goals

Adjusting goals doesn’t mean failure. It means realigning to fit the climate of the workplace and its capabilities. Every quarter, assess the progress the organization has made so far. If things are extremely off pace, it’s okay to reevaluate what a more realistic goal might be. The bottom line: sometimes it’s not the amount of progress you expected, progress nonetheless is a good thing.

These tips can help you solidify a game plan for your organization in the coming year. If you find you need some extra support getting there, schedule a free initial consultation with Crosworks. We have a number of programs that can be customized to your organization and your culture. Let us help you make 2024 all that it can be for your organization.

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