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Company culture isn’t something that employees are solely responsible for cultivating. However,  employees contribute to and shape the culture of the places they work. It’s a common misconception that company culture is static—it’s always evolving, just as the social climate, economy and other factors evolve. Therefore, employees always have an opportunity to make their own contributions and leave an impression on the organizations they work for. Here’s a closer look at how you might add to and shape your company’s culture. 

Share Your Values

Many organizations offer plenty of opportunities for employees to provide their feedback and insights—brainstorming sessions, meetings and surveys are just a few. Don’t pass up these opportunities to share your own values and voice what matters to you. For example, you might contribute thoughts on how your employer can reduce their environmental impact or give back to the local community. Thoughtful members of leadership will pick up on those cues and consider your values as they shape future initiatives and goals. 

Start Conversations

You don’t always have to wait for an invitation to voice your opinion and share your feedback. Start conversations with fellow employees and company leadership about what’s working, what could use improvement, and where you’d like to see the company go in the future. 

Celebrate Victories 

While it’s important for leadership to take on the charge to recognize victories and employee achievements, you can set an example on the ground level by calling out fellow employees for work well done and bringing attention to wins, no matter how small.

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