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You’re ready to take a step forward in your career, but you’re nervous to jump in. Taking the next step would mean leading a team, and you’re not sure if you have the skills necessary for the job. Maybe assessing your career would help you understand your leadership potential and what direction is best for you. In the meantime, here are some common leadership traits that could serve you well if you land that promotion.

A Desire to be a Great Communicator

The best leaders possess excellent communication skills. They explain ideas clearly, listen actively, and encourage open dialogue among teams. If you feel that you’re skilled in these areas, you have major leadership potential.


Great leaders are adaptable. They navigate change with resilience, embrace new challenges, and aren’t afraid to pivot strategies when necessary. If you are flexible and embrace a growth mindset, you are likely to thrive in dynamic environments and also inspire innovation.

Empathize with Those Around You

Empathy is an important characteristic that sets leaders apart. Understanding others’ perspectives, showing compassion, and supporting team members help those around you feel a sense of purpose and belonging, which ultimately improves the team’s overall performance. 

Vision Casting

Visionary thinking propels leaders and organizations forward. The ability to envision future possibilities and to establish strategic plans to create these outcomes is often easy for leaders. If you’re someone who gets excited about dreaming of the possibilities of an organization or project, you are on your way to inspiring a team to see the possibilities, too.

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