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Jobless claims remain historically high across the nation. After enduring a full year of a global pandemic, many businesses continue to feel the squeeze of a weakened economy. If a workforce reduction or restructuring is imminent for your organization and you’re tapped to manage layoffs, there are ways you can help to reduce stress and restore confidence for all employees involved.

“Layoffs are demoralizing to employees and, when large numbers are involved, may result in negative publicity for the employer,” according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). However, if an organization takes a strategic approach to handling such change, empathy can be exercised swiftly through focused assistance and services to help employees adapt and move forward.

Preparing for change

Employment layoffs and restructurings affect everyone in an organization. Change can have an adverse impact “on those being laid off and their families, on managers making layoff selection decisions, on HR professionals involved in the process, on employees not laid off, and on managers working with the post-layoff workforce.” (SHRM) So how can you ensure the very best outcomes for both those staying and those going? And, how can you appropriately guide them along the way?

First, you must ensure a smooth, guided transition through both internal and external management and communications. Bringing a third party to the table during a restructuring demonstrates the value of and concern for your workforce—as long as the service is fully invested. Crosworks client “T.C.” found herself released from her job after the pandemic, and the originally assigned outplacement services representative was disengaged. “My placement rep was late for each of our one-to-one meetings, and my meeting time with her was always cut short—all without so much as an apology. On the third (and final) call, she even asked for my name to schedule the next meeting,” shared T.C.

At Crosworks, each of your team members—whether going or staying— receives our undivided attention and respect. We work beside you through workforce reductions or realignments to help restore confidence and clarity for each individual affected. Our Outplacement Services are different in that we help employees to not just find a new job but to assess personal goals, career aspirations, key skills and best-fit opportunities. We work with each person to identify their authentic professional brand, seek career targets, engage specific job search strategies and enter the marketplace empowered and with renewed clarity.

“Once I started working my job search with Shelly at Crosworks, everything came together quickly,” said T.C. “She held my hand every step of the way with white glove service. We fixed my resume, identified target companies and practiced interview skills. The Crosworks team switched my focus and helped me find the right role in the right company, right away!”

Personalized outplacement services

Any outplacement service can help employees seek their next position and find a job that makes sense on paper. But do they offer the genuine understanding, honesty, attention and availability each of your employees deserve at such a difficult time?

Our career strategists work with your organization to ensure we understand what you want for your team members. We then create a flexible, personal and hands-on program to meet your needs and budget. Unlike many outplacement services, we are not just retooling a resume and giving your team members videos to watch. Our services include guided self-assessment, realistic goal refinement, best-fit professional environment identification, networking and marketplace navigation, negotiation techniques and accountability tracking all with the utmost confidentiality and caring guidance.

“After being let go, Shelly reminded me it’s not just about the here and now and finding the next job, quickly,” shared T.C. “It’s also about the long-term and my personal future. She raised so many great questions and truly got to know me. The team at Crosworks helped me prepare for my career both now and for years to come, and set me up for success.”

We don’t provide cookie-cutter solutions or follow a systematic approach—each person and every career path is distinctive. We invest ourselves in the whole person and offer customized plans and ideas based on the individual’s personality and ambitions.

Guidance for the greater good

Employee transitions and restructurings are not easy for anyone. Seeking understanding, experienced outplacement assistance can benefit every level of your organization by imparting individualized support and reassurance at a challenging time. If you are facing the management of impending layoffs or a reorganization, reach out to our career strategy team today to start a conversation on outplacement options that best fit your needs.

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