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How to Build Leadership Skills

Whether you are new in a leadership role or aspiring to rise in the ranks, it’s important to develop the skills, attitudes and mindset of an effective leader. Leadership means more than a title as a member of management. It means motivating, engaging and developing others. You must sustain a strong performance and continue to drive growth and momentum under pressure, rapid changes and stress. If you are looking to build your leadership skills, consider the following strategies. 

Think Like an Athlete

Leadership training is not unlike athletic training. In fact, thinking like an athlete can boost your leadership capacity and improve your performance in times of pressure, when it truly counts. How do you apply the principles of athletic training to leadership training? First, apply your focus to secondary competencies outside of your cognitive abilities—you likely spent your academic career and earlier career roles building industry knowledge and theoretical management skills. However, your skills in emotional intelligence, flexibility, self-control, focus and endurance may need sharpening. 

Build on a Strong Foundation 

Endurance and resiliency are two coveted qualities in leaders, and these simply aren’t achievable without the development of physical, emotional and mental strength. If your body is physically not in peak condition, you may be on a fast track to burnout or exhaustion. Similarly, if you do not utilize stress management techniques to manage your emotions and maintain a positive attitude, you become more likely to fold under pressure. Emotional and physical strength are the foundational building blocks of effective leadership skills, so don’t neglect the personal care that helps you develop those strengths. 

Manage Your Inner State 

No one can control the environment around them. What you can control is how you respond to external influences. This is what separates those who thrive under pressure from those who crumble. 

While many traditional management training programs focus on cognitive skills, Crosworks provides innovative leadership training that builds on a holistic approach, including wellness. Visit our website to learn more and to schedule a free, non-binding introductory call.

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