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How to Find Greater Meaning in the Workplace

Work should be about more than earning a living—it should be fulfilling and offer a sense of meaning and a greater connection to the world. However, that feeling of fulfillment doesn’t always come automatically. Sure, it’s helpful when employers take strides to build a purpose-driven work environment, but it is also possible to find greater meaning on an individual level with a shift in mindset. If you feel like you’re dragging yourself through work every day, try the following strategies to find greater meaning in your work.

Understand Yourself

Each individual has unique needs and understanding what motivates you is important. Do you appreciate one-on-one discussion or group interactions, are you more motivated by personalized
incentives or an environment where everyone wins together, or do you prefer a more thoughtful and reflective or more decisive and action-oriented approach to decision-making? Understanding yourself will help you advocate for yourself and better understand and appreciate others.

Think About the Bigger Picture

It’s easy to get caught up in the many small tasks that fill the day—spreadsheets, emails, etc. However, these sometimes tedious tasks typically contribute to a greater function. For example, if you work in digital marketing, you might think about the small businesses that you’re boosting as you build Google Ad campaigns. Focusing on the bigger picture of how your work impacts the world around you can make a significant difference on your attitude at work.

Connect With Your Colleagues

No matter what industry you’re in, your relationship with your coworkers will have a big impact on how much you enjoy your job. Taking steps like showing gratitude for your colleagues’ work, mentoring new employees or offering to help on other projects when you have a free moment can give you a greater sense of human connection, which can help you find more meaning in your work.

Separate Work From the Rest of Your Life

It’s important to remember that you are more than your job. While finding meaning at work is beneficial to your quality of life, you still should create space for finding purpose outside of work through hobbies, personal relationships and self-care. Whether you are looking to grow your skills in your current field or change industries altogether, Crosworks is here to guide you through your journey by helping you define and achieve your career goals. Discover how we can help with personalized planning and career development services.

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