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Within six seconds, a honeybee can flap its wings 1,200 times. It takes Bill Gates about six seconds to make $600. If you’re the world champion at solving the Rubik’s cube, it takes you just about six seconds as well. And, if you wish to make a great impression and make your resume stand out, it is believed the average recruiter or hiring manager will only look at it for — you guessed it — just a six measly seconds.

With such little time to grab such an important person’s undivided attention, is there really anything you can do to stand out and increase your odds? There definitely is, and the answer actually goes beyond just the resume.

Make your six seconds count

According to Gail Tolstoi-Miller, a career coach and former recruiter, just a few moments is all you really need to make your resume stand out and get noticed. In the article, How to write a resume that will get you noticed, by Assistant Ideas Editor at TED, Mary Halton, Tolstoi-Miller suggests a few tips to make those precious seconds count in the greatest way possible.

  • Quality over quantity — Your resume should be created with the ideal job you want in mind. Then, only apply to those quality jobs that match what you are looking for.
  • Page length is not a huge concern — Younger seekers may have just one page while seasoned professionals might have two (and some sectors accept more).
  • Make it easy to skim — Summarize your experience at the top; bullet list all of your skills; include keywords throughout.
  • It’s OK to talk about layoffs, gaps in employment and contract gigs.
  • List those awards and accomplishments — It’s what sets you apart! And, the more quantifiable, the better!

Complement your resume

In order to stand out from others, your resume is the place to let your personality shine through! Create a standout resume that showcases what you bring to the table and then apply for jobs that match you and your needs. Simultaneously, to add value to that important document and your job search, ensure your LinkedIn profile reflects your resume.

Your LinkedIn profile URL should be simple and located at the top of your resume. Make sure your profile is updated, full and complete, and flawless when it comes to grammar and spelling. Networking is also vitally important. “Your resume means nothing if it won’t get in front of the right people,” says Tolstoi-Miller. “Recruiters may call you if you have a great resume, but what is going to get you the job is taking it a step further — taking control, networking and reaching out to people that are in a position to hire.”

The art of the resume

We see so often that many people are stopped in their tracks with anxiety over producing the perfect resume. And that’s where we come in! At Crosworks, we offer professional resume writing services that take you and your experience “beyond the bullet.” Your experiences, skills, needs, passion and ambitions are more than mere bullet points. When it comes to telling your story, we prioritize heart over hits to successfully connect you to what’s next in your career.

To authentically connect you with another human and target that right opportunity that is meaningful and rewarding to you, we’re going to want to ask you some important questions and talk about your overall career strategy. And then when it comes to the point of working on that coveted resume document, we offer services to create the best outcome for you:

Know your story, discover what’s next

Undoubtedly, your finalized resume is a critical tool in taking the next step in securing a new position. There are many ways to make your resume stand out from the crowd, and Crosworks professionals are ready to help you in that endeavor. However, a resume alone won’t pave the way to a meaningful and rewarding career.

If you’re interested in learning more about our comprehensive approach to your successful career search strategy, reach out today to learn more about our full career counseling services and proven results.

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