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Whenever there is a kink in the chain of efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace, people often start looking at each individual to learn who is at fault. Who isn’t doing their job well? Who might need skills improvement? Which employee doesn’t seem to fit the culture? While it’s easy to point a finger and attempt to find a weak link, there is more likely a need to look at leadership in order to improve and sustain overall productivity and engagement across the entire organization.

“Leadership is all about bringing out the best in others to get the work done,” shared Joshua Margolis, a professor at Harvard Business School. To deepen employees’ commitment, generate more ideas, get more wins and increase engagement, it starts with the leadership. However, in most organizations, there simply are not the systems in place to consistently train and develop their leadership team to the extent needed for lasting change.

Learning to lead with a team

Developing a keen understanding of how a leader or manager’s behavior impacts the performance of others is a start in the right direction. “As a leader, you set the tone for the entire organization. Whether you realize it or not, everybody is watching the way you lead—if you are authentic, consistent and focused on doing the work to move the business forward,” said Robert Glazer, a leadership columnist for Inc. Understanding and cultivating the skills and self-awareness necessary to meet each team member where they are and inspire their best, is the key to exponential improvement for teams and entire organizations.

Leadership development through formalized, external executive coaching helps leaders uncover attitudes, behaviors and communication styles that impede their full potential. At Crosworks, our executive coaches work one-on-one with new hires, future leaders or seasoned professionals to develop new ways of thinking, interacting and communicating with their teams.

Our approach is highly personalized and takes a deep dive into an executive’s strengths, self-perceptions and style. More than just a “training,” our full-service executive coaching offering is a relationship-building experience in which we offer the support, encouragement and honest feedback needed for your leader(s) to adapt and quickly make an impact for their teams, the organization and themselves.

Expect more from your leadership development

Study after study shows that outside, accredited coaching partners are likely unaffected by internal politics, making coaches more comfortable discussing delicate issues, can provide sensitive feedback, crucial to performance improvement and are not easily distracted by other competing responsibilities within the organization so able to focus exclusively on the coachee’s needs before, during and after coaching sessions.

Executive coaching doesn’t happen in a day or even within a few meetings. It takes an in-depth assessment of skills, interests, values and behaviors; dynamic goal setting; ongoing mentoring; and regularly scheduled meetings. Our services are tailored to organizational and individual needs so leadership and HR management can focus coaching on what matters most:

  • Improving communication
  • Increasing team productivity
  • Enhancing interpersonal relations
  • Decreasing attrition
  • Acclimating a new leader to a position or responsibilities
  • Driving customer or client satisfaction

Whether your organization has new executives who need to increase effectiveness, seasoned leaders who face new challenge, future leaders who are preparing to assume new roles or managers in the midst of significant periods of growth or change, Crosworks offers the proven guidance and understanding needed to improve productivity and maximize potential.

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