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The global business landscape has changed radically due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and small businesses have undoubtedly suffered the most. Many industries have adapted creatively to the environment, opening all sorts of new chances for growth. But now more than ever, firms need outside-the-box thinking that will help them weather the storm. Here are three industries you might want to pay attention to if you are looking for a new career path or opportunity:

1. Telemedicine

Six months ago, many people thought of telemedicine as a novelty, a useful supplementary service for the hospitals and doctors’ offices that provide day-to-day care.  But according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Healthcare IT industry will grow 12 percent between now and 2028.  Not to mention, COVID-19 completely changed the medical industry’s delivery strategy and opened the door for telemedicine to carry us through the pandemic.  Patients can now save time and enjoy a thorough, professional experience without having to visit their doctor physically.

Hospitals and medical practices have leveraged telemedicine to keep their physical locations from becoming overwhelmed while keeping both patients and providers safe.  Nonetheless, hospitals still face the challenge of making telehealth platforms secure, sustainable, and user-friendly.  The practice also requires professionals with skills beyond clinical knowledge and experience.  If you have experience in marketing, business analysis, or even video & production, you may consider a career path in this ever-growing field.

2. E-Commerce/Online Retail

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept people indoors for so long that they have had to change their shopping habits entirely. As a result, growth within the e-commerce industry has accelerated astronomically. While this may sound like a silver lining, many small businesses have failed to capitalize on this growth, and their sales numbers remain lackluster.  Larger corporations have mechanisms in place that allow them to maintain sales and keep their customers buying at a high rate. However, smaller businesses must consider new strategies to take advantage of the e-commerce boom.

Retargeting existing customers and boosting brand loyalty is essential for these businesses to get their sales back and survive in these uncertain times.  That’s why the industry desperately needs professionals who specialize in digital marketing, customer service operations, and transportation management.

3. Logistics

Speaking of transportation, services provided by third-party logistics companies will always be in high demand.  The pandemic, however, has drastically harmed supply chains and global economic activity.  Statista estimates that “the global freight forwarding market is expected to shrink by 7.5% in 2020.”  Most companies have adopted varying responses to the pandemic, including new protocols and modes of transportation.

Larger companies are diversified enough to weather the storm, but that will likely not be enough to save many smaller logistics companies.  These firms need experts in cloud computing, data analytics, and automation to survive.  Keen strategic planning is also essential for smaller businesses if they want to stay afloat and compete with industry titans such as UPS and FedEx.

COVID-19 has changed the world and the way we do business.  However, nothing changes the fact that companies continue to seek leaders who can think strategically and divergently as we navigate through the new normal.

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Scott Hevel | Marketing Associate

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