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We all have special ways we like to nourish our minds, bodies and souls. For some it may be through fitness activities, such as running or yoga. For others, cuddling up with a good book or simply spending time surrounded by nature can be revitalizing. And for Jody Flanigan, it almost always has to do with nourishing others through food.

As a resume writer, Jody’s workday involves partnering with Crosworks Career Advisors to support clients through the content development of their resumes, biographies and LinkedIn profiles. But when she isn’t searching for the perfect words, she’s hot on the tails of the perfect recipe.

When life hands Jody down time

“Especially during COVID, I have been busy cooking, baking and delivering food to family, friends and neighbors,” shares Jody. In fact, if she wasn’t able to serve her Crosworks clients with her stellar propensity for writing, she’d likely be considering serving confectionaries. “I would love to own a bakery and just feed people – make them smile and happy!”

Throughout the past year when she was not working or baking, Jody spent her free time organizing, cleaning, decluttering, reading and writing. With months of less travel, less family get-togethers, less social gathering and less shopping (true statement, according to Jody) behind her, she is looking forward to gathering socially again soon. “My hope is now that the vaccine is being distributed, it will allow us to feel safe to gather with family – friends and neighbors.”

A key position at a pivotal time

With the rollout of multiple vaccines and high hopes for a return to some sense of normalcy this coming summer, job postings are starting to surge across the country. This means right now is the perfect time to work with a company like Crosworks on career assessment, job search strategies and resume writing. Jody’s favorite part of her job is, “Meeting the clients, hearing their stories and then creating their resume so they can confidently move forward.”

Whether she’s cooking up a creative way to spin a client’s experience or preparing a new list of baking ingredients, Jody integrates her keen organization, communication and personalization skills to get the job done right. It’s all about making the final product stand out, whether that’s an eye-catching resume that secures the interview, or a specialty baked good that leaves a friend craving more!

Always serving up kindness

Even in today’s more separated world, Jody still believes in the power of kindness both in and out of the workplace, and with everyone she might encounter. “Typically, I always make sure I smile at people, but with the masks today no one knows you are smiling at them. However, we can still always be kind,” shared Jody. “I always seek simple ways to share basic kindness – holding the door open, saying pardon me, and treating others as I want to be treated.

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