We experience many transitions in life and assessing your readiness to make changes, as well as planning, is critical to success. It’s a matter of determining what to hold on to, what to let go of and what to take on as you create the next chapter of your life.

The LifeOptions Profile is a tool that draws upon years of data from over 20,000 participants to reveal your personal readiness for transition in six life arenas:

  • Career & Work (ideal work, work benefits, work options)
  • Health & Wellness (health practices, vitality and attitude)
  • Finance (knowledge, planning, confidence)
  • Family & Relationships (flexibility, caregiving)
  • Leisure & Social (leisure preferences, residence, travel, hobbies)
  • Personal Development (life meaning, education, volunteering)

Your coach will then guide you through the wealth of information revealed from your assessment results. Exercises and one-on-one coaching are used to work through the focus areas that have been highlighted and are most important to you.

older woman looking at life options for career changes and retirement

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