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Didn’t get to join us last week for our “sold out” webinar on LinkedIn: Your Profile?  Here’s just a few highlights and tips to tide you over until our next.


It really should be unique and say something specific to your professional brand. Maybe a special phrase? A photograph that clearly represents what you do?  (Hint: has great free backgrounds for you to use or be inspired by!)


You need a photograph – the point of LinkedIn is to be seen. Consider having your photograph taken professionally. There are really good photographers that will do an economical and excellent job, such as Headshots Columbus. Dress as you would on the job or business casual. Smile. You want to appear friendly and approachable.   

About Section

We also discussed some great ways to maximize the impact of your profile’s “About” section. The first three line of your About section is extremely valuable real estate. Those first three lines are all that show until the reader hits the “see more” tab. Be sure you say something compelling in those 3 lines; something that makes the reader want to continue to learn about you.

We covered a lot more profile territory in our last session. And, it was jam-packed. Check out this and other free webinars here.


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