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If expert predictions stay on track, more Americans could be switching jobs in the coming months than at any other time in recent years. This so-called ‘Great Resignation’ – which has been heating up for months, post-pandemic, according to workforce analytics company, Visier – means the need to sharpen resume and networking skills and effectively nail an interview is about to become much more competitive.

Get your foot in the door and stay there

If you might be looking to make a career jump, you’ll want to start with the hard work of networking with target company employees and creating a polished resume that perfectly positions you for the job you want. Once you land a coveted face-to-face meeting, it’s time to shine, tell your story, and clearly and confidently convey why you’re the best fit for the position. To improve your chances of snagging a job offer in today’s aggressive market, you must effectively position yourself as the only wise choice for the position.

Sound like a lot of hoops to jump through to land your right-fit job? While there is a lot to research and prepare, it doesn’t have to feel like a continuous three-ring circus. No matter your target industry or role, it simply takes a personalized and thoughtful approach to elevate your preparedness, confidence and effectiveness to make a lasting impression during an interview.

At Crosworks, our interview coaching team works with individuals at all levels who might be interviewing but not getting offers, those who haven’t faced a job interview in years, or professionals who are pivoting to a new career or facing a one-in-a-lifetime interview. We start by getting to know you personally, as well as your target roles, and then helping you prepare for both the common and not-so-common questions you might face in an interview. Remember, sometimes the opportunities are right in front of you – at your current organization!

Put in the prep

To best match your learning style, our career strategists offer customized coaching services to fit your experience, needs and objectives. Our professional techniques have been refined through the years to serve those interested in online interview training via webinar, group coaching or custom, one-on-one coaching with tailored guidance, practice and feedback. Whether you may encounter virtual or live interviews on your career journey, we help you prepare through:

  • Q & A development and practice for questions related to the specific position you’re going after, as well as those tricky, unexpected questions that might arise.
  • Identification of key issues related to your individual background, industry and job opportunities.
  • Mock interviews and direct feedback based on verbal and nonverbal cues.
  • Guidance on questions to ask, including the big questions about next steps and timing.

From entry-level to C-suite positions, our proven process has effectively prepared clients with the confidence and clarity necessary to nail an interview, rise to the top of the candidate pool and win the offer. If you have a target job in mind, understand your key skillsets, and have a clear sense of your professional brand, we’re ready to dive in and get to work on interview coaching! However, if you’re note quite there yet—no worries. We can begin with a career assessment to start you down the runway.

To learn more about Crosworks’ Interview Coaching services, reach out to our team today.

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