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Gain the clarity and focus to target your best fit roles, prepare your unique story, rewrite your resume, prepare for an important interview and other key skills you need to uniquely position yourself in this job market.

Live, group workshops custom-tailored to meet your needs, wherever you are in the job search process.


Find clarity in your career path by understanding your target role, environment, and boss! These sessions will help you to determine the role you are seeking, the ideal company environment for you, help you to establish what makes you unique!


Once you understand your unique, authentic brand and target, you need to effectively communicate these things with clarity, consistency, and confidence. These sessions cater to those who know their story, but need help communicating it.


These sessions are designed for those who know their unique, authentic value and what they are looking for in a role, but want assistance navigating the marketplace and getting in front of the right people, at the right time.

We are facing unprecedented challenges and an uncertain job market. The impact of the Coronavirus, its effect on our economy and livelihoods, is still unfolding. In spite of this uncertainty, our quest to find meaning, purpose and career fulfillment remains.

Crosworks, a team of expert career and talent strategists, is dedicated to helping you find clarity and focus in your work. We want to be a resource during this time – coaching you to improve your confidence and better position yourself in this changing market. In addition to our traditional, one-on-one coaching services, we’ve designed three service categories to support you in accomplishing your goals, wherever you are in your job search.

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We have over a century of combined experience across our team of certified career and executive coaches, helping individuals and teams develop unique and effective strategies.

We have worked in a variety of industries including banking, non-profit, healthcare, retail, energy, restaurants, and more! In previous lives, we held positions in sales, marketing, communication, HR, investor relations, general management and the list goes on. We are seasoned professionals who have been coached and lived our own career transitions!

Go beyond the surface

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Ask a Career Coach (Live Q&A) 30 minutes
Join us for a FREE live online Q&A session where we welcome you to ask the professional career coaches from Crosworks the job search questions that are on your mind. Our certified coaches make it our jobs to understand the job search marketplace. And, we want to share these insights with you.

Your Brand: Leveraging Linkedin (Live Webinar) 1 hour
Networking via LinkedIn is an essential element of a successful job search, and in each chapter of your career. Join Coach Deb Mitchell and guest presenter, LinkedIn Guru Jeff Young will provide tips and techniques to help you improve your profile, network like a pro, and navigate LinkedIn with confidence.

Your Profile (Part I)

A fast-paced review of how to sharpen up your LinkedIn profile to ensure it’s telling your story and reaching the right people.

Networking & Job Search (Part II)

Maximize the power of LinkedIn to network and elevate your job search. We’ll review key settings and tips to broaden your network.

  • Recording available here:
Recruiter Panel Discussion (Live Webinar) 60 minutes

Join our panel of expert recruiters as they address today’s most often asked questions about How to Get a Job!

Each month, we’ll schedule a panel of recruiters to share their perspective.

Our expert panel of recruiters represent both external and internal talent acquisition. Facilitated by Leadership and Career Coach Deb Mitchell, the panel will answer your most pressing questions on the hiring process and career building — not only in healthcare and related industries — but on the current trends and timeless fundamentals that apply across job families.

Representing the view from inside the hiring organization, we have: Veronica Knuth, VP Talent at covermymeds, leads not only talent acquisition there, but the full spectrum of human resources activities. She formerly held positions with L Brands and its related businesses and Cummins. James Vasicek, Talent Acquisition Manager at OhioHealth is deep in the search process daily for the right fit candidates in areas such as nursing, support and other professional areas. Ted Coss, VP of Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, will lend the external perspective to our discussion. Ted works with Life Sciences and Healthcare companies to find Executive level Sales and Marketing professionals that will help drive growth.

Register: Thursday, March 11th at 4:00p  

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Clarity Services

Your Target: Career Clarity (Two, 2 hour Live Workshops)
Experience the process that has helped thousands of people gain clarity and focus, leading to a more meaningful and rewarding career. Whether you’re considering a career transition, trying to advance to the next level, or just searching for answers, our two-part, online Career Clarity workshop experience, led by Crosworks’ career strategists, will help you understand your needs, define your goals, and chart your path.

You’ll benefit from the support, and past experiences, of other workshop attendees, in an environment of shared accountability and trust.  Your investment of $750 includes your custom Birkman Assessment report and Birkman Career Exploration report, the Crosworks Career Dashboard for evaluating future opportunities, networking and job search guides, access to the O-Net job database and more!  This program, which normally costs $1,500 in a 1:1 session, is being offered for a limited time only and the group size is quite small, so reserve your spot today.

Testimonials on gaining clarityHow does it work?
The Career Clarity workshop experience includes two 2-hour workshops (limited to 5 people) with targeted homework assignments in between to drive accountability.  The second session builds on learnings from the first.

Prior to starting the series, you’ll take the Birkman Method Assessment©, a diagnostic used by more than 8 million people in 70+ countries that drives self-awareness by identifying your approach, style, and areas of motivation.

Workshop #1 – Building blocks of self-awareness

As the saying goes, knowledge is power.  With the benefit of an objective assessment, and insights gathered from reflection, you’ll emerge with a clear picture of what you need in a career, boss and work environment.

What you’ll gain:

  • Results from your Birkman Method Assessment©, including your interests, “usual behavior,” needs and stress behaviors

  • Key themes that emerge from review of your accomplishments, skills and values

  • Assessment of how your current role stacks up in relation to the above

Workshop #2 –  Career exploration and networking

Building on the insights gained in the first workshop, you’ll explore careers that represent your “best fit” and learn how to go after them.

What you’ll gain:

  • Your Birkman Career Exploration report, with detailed analysis comparing your degree of match to successful individuals in career categories and specific jobs.

  • Simple strategies and tools to help you grow your professional network, targeting the people and organizations essential to a successful job search

  • Resources to research careers, including the O-Net job database, and instructions on how to navigate them to identify target jobs.  (You will continue to have access to O-Net upon completion of the workshop.)

  • Your Career Dashboard – a one page summary designed to help you make thoughtful decisions about the next steps in your career, not just today but well into your future.

Investment: One-Time Fee $750


Communication Services

Your Brand: Telling your story (Live Webinar) 45 minutes
  • The foundation of job search… market yourself with a clear, credible and compelling story that gives you concise language for your networking conversations and interviews. You’ll emerge with an “elevator pitch” that informs your LInkedIn profile. resume and cover letter.
To learn more about these services, please schedule a free introductory call here.
Your Brand: Resume Tips & Tools - Write it on Your Own (Live Webinar) 1 hour
  • Crosworks career coach will share examples that illustrate how, visually and verbally, to bring your past experiences, interests and career aspirations to life. This session includes tips and tools on how to write and design your resume including relevant insight into best practices to get your resume to stand out.
To learn more about these services, please schedule a free introductory call here.
Your Brand: Customized Resume Critique (Virtual 1:1) 30 minutes
  • A Crosworks Career Coach will review each section of your resume with you, offering recommendations on content and format. Critique will include suggestions to tailor your resume based on the jobs you are targeting, using language that speaks to hiring managers. You will also benefit from suggestions on how to present your accomplishments for optimum impact. (Acknowledge everyone has an opinion.)

Investment: $125

Your Brand: Resume Services (Service)
  • Crosworks views the resume as part of a comprehensive approach to a successful career search strategy. We believe your resume should authentically seek to connect you with another human and deftly target your skills and experience to the opportunity that is meaningful and rewarding to you.

Investment: Contact for Quote

Navigating the Market (Live Webinar) 1.5 hours
  • There’s no shortage of resources to help job seekers research industries, companies, and positions, but it can be overwhelming. We’ll coach attendees on how to research and search for jobs in a targeted way, saving time and maximizing effort. We’ll cover research resources, the importance of building relationships, creating a hit list, navigating job boards, the use of recruiters and more.
To learn more about these services, please schedule a free introductory call here.
Interviewing (Group Live Webinar + Virtual 1:1 Mock Interview) 1 hour + 45 minutes
  • Interviewing can make or break a job offer. We’ll provide techniques for preparing, building confidence and asking the right questions to make your interview successful. This two-step series includes a general preparation session with a variety of participants followed by a 1:1 mock interview with feedback from a professional career coach
To learn more about these services, please schedule a free introductory call here.
Offer Negotiation (Live Webinar) 30 minutes
  • You have an offer coming. Now what? The session includes advice for understanding your value in the marketplace and using this insight to negotiate a solid offer, including salary, benefits and other key components of your package. (How being treated during negotiations.)
To learn more about these services, please schedule a free introductory call here.

Here is what some of our clients have to say
about our approach

The coaches at Crosworks are empowering, wonderful, and kind. My experience not only helped me take major steps in my career, but it helped give me constructive information on how I can be the best professionally. In not only has helped me land new jobs, it has taught me how to work better.


Faced with a lagging career and job dissatisfaction, a colleague suggested that I speak with the career experts at Crosworks. I worked with them for several weeks, and it was a truly enlightening experience. I was able to really hone In on my areas of strength, and find out what is absolutely vital to create a satisfying career for me… The result was a change in job with a 30% pay increase and nearly complete job happiness. I am so glad I worked with Crosworks.


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