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For those of you who are Crosworks Clients, we want to continue being a resource during this time. We want to help you connect, gain perspective, crowdsource solutions and retain your confidence so that you are best positioned for opportunities in this changing and uncertain market.

We have designed 3 service categories to support you, at all stages of your job search. If you are leading others – through title or action – we want to help you lead with clarity and confidence. As a client, you will receive access to up to 2 paid online webinars for free (webinars denoted with an asterisk * are NOT included for free.) Below you can learn more about all the sessions we are offering, both free and paid.

In addition, Crosworks would like to invite our clients to our online LinkedIn Community. This community is designed to crowdsource advice, perspectives, and opportunities. You can learn more about this private, clients only group here


Find clarity in your career path by understanding your target role, environment, and boss! These sessions will help you to determine the role you are seeking, the ideal company environment for you, help you to establish what makes you unique!


Once you understand your target and your unique and authentic brand, you need to effectively communicate these things with clarity, consistency, and confidence. These sessions are catered to those who know their story, but need help communicating it.


These sessions are designed for those who know who they are and what they are looking for in a role, but need assistance navigating the marketplace and getting in front of the right people, at the right time.

Online FREE Program

Ask a Career Coach (Live Q&A) 30 minutes
  • Open forum, facilitated by coach
  • Led by participants
  • 30 mins
  • Max Participants: 25
  • Start 1x/week; two coaches in each session (could add more if demand suggests it)
  • Coaches: CC, SS, DM, ES
Job Search Mindset (Live Webinar) 30 minutes
  • Kissing frogs, staying positive, volume matters, setting goals, tracking your activity
  • Coaching Guide
  • 20 mins
  • Max Participants: 50
  • Offered: 2x/month (right after Ask a Career Coach)
  • Coaches: CC, SS, DM, ES
Recruiter Panel Discussion (Live Webinar) 30 minutes
  • Ken Lazar, Phil Georgenson, Cookie McIntyre, Cindy Hilsheimer
  • Coaching Guide
  • ? time
  • Offered: 1x/month
  • Max Participants: ?
  • Lead Coach: DM
  • Other Coaches: SS

Dedicated Service Offerings for Your Career Path

View availability and sign up for a session by clicking on the individual service listings below.

Clarity Services

Your Target: Career Clarity (Live Workshop) Two 2-hour Workshops
  • Experience the process that has helped thousands of people gain clarity and focus, leading to a more meaningful and rewarding career. Whether you’re considering a career transition, trying to advance to the next level, or just searching for answers, our two-part Career Clarity workshop, led by Crosworks’ career strategists, will help you understand your needs, define your goals, and chart your path.
Investment: One-Time Fee $750*

Communication Services

Your Brand: Telling your story (Live Webinar) 45 minutes
  • The foundation of job search… market yourself with a clear, credible and compelling story that gives you concise language for your networking conversations and interviews. You’ll emerge with an “elevator pitch” that informs your LInkedIn profile. resume and cover letter.
Investment: $75
Your Brand: Resume Tips & Tools - Write it on Your Own (Live Webinar) 1-hour
  • Crosworks career coach will share examples that illustrate how, visually and verbally, to bring your past experiences, interests and career aspirations to life. This session includes tips and tools on how to write and design your resume including relevant insight into best practices to get your resume to stand out. (You can do this on your own.)
Investment: $75
Your Brand: Customized Resume Critique (Virtual 1:1) 30 minutes
  • A Crosworks Career Coach will review each section of your resume with you, offering recommendations on content and format. Critique will include suggestions to tailor your resume based on the jobs you are targeting, using language that speaks to hiring managers. You will also benefit from suggestions on how to present your accomplishments for optimum impact. (Acknowledge everyone has an opinion.)
Investment: $125*
Your Brand: Resume Services (Service)
  • Crosworks views the resume as part of a comprehensive approach to a successful career search strategy. We believe your resume should authentically seek to connect you with another human and deftly target your skills and experience to the opportunity that is meaningful and rewarding to you.
Investment: Contact for Quote
Your Brand: Linkedin (Live Webinar) 1-hour
  • Networking via LinkedIn is an essential element of a successful job search, and in each chapter of your career. We’ll provide tips and techniques to help you improve your profile, network like a pro, and navigate LinkedIn with confidence. (personalize your invite)
Investment: $100
Navigating the Market (Live Webinar) 1.5 hours
  • There’s no shortage of resources to help job seekers research industries, companies, and positions, but it can be overwhelming. We’ll coach attendees on how to research and search for jobs in a targeted way, saving time and maximizing effort. We’ll cover research resources, the importance of building relationships, creating a hit list, navigating job boards, the use of recruiters and more.
Investment: $199*
Interviewing (Live Webinar + Virtual 1:1) 1-hour group +45 minute virtual 1:1
  • Interviewing can make or break a job offer. We’ll provide techniques for preparing, building confidence and asking the right questions to make your interview successful. This two-step series includes a general preparation session with a variety of participants followed by a 1:1 mock interview with feedback from a professional career coach
Investment: $199*
Offer Negotiation (Live Webinar) 30 minutes
  • You have an offer coming. Now what? The session includes advice for understanding your value in the marketplace and using this insight to negotiate a solid offer, including salary, benefits and other key components of your package. (How being treated during negotiations.)
Investment: $50

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