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In the sense of how we’ve traditionally thought of retirement, the youngest members of the Baby Boomer generation are enjoying their 60s this year, they are appreciating their golden years by spending cold winters in warmer climates, taking up yoga, and pursuing new or long-lost hobbies. According to Business Insider, America’s new retirement age is 62 or younger, causing numerous changes in the current workforce across the country. With the impact of Covid-19 being the main culprit, many older persons in the workforce felt the risk outweighed the reward when it came to catching the virus. Additionally, the lack of employment opportunities and soaring stock options enticed Boomers to kick up their feet and claim their retirement earlier than planned. The latest statistics according to Fidelity, point to this phenomenon as the new normal, and not just another side effect of the Pandemic.

How this is Impacting the Workforce

As a result of the lower retirement age average, the workforce is now changing the way they see younger workers. Relying on older workers over the past decade, we are expecting to see a shift in hiring ages. Individuals exiting schooling and entering the workforce will likely see more opportunities as the need for employment is increasingly climbing. Playing a dominating role in The Great Resignation, baby boomers are now making room for the next generation of employment and growth among individuals and within businesses. In July 2021, job openings climbed from 10.2 million to 10.9 million alone offering room for younger workers to start their careers.

Age changes in Employment

When One Size Does Not Fit All

Perhaps you joined the Great Resignation and are finding it’s not quite what you expected. Or, you’re a baby boomer that retired early and wants to make your way back into the working world, an individual craving a later career change or a seasoned employee wanting to become an entrepreneur, change is possible. Take Mike Mason, for example, retired Marine and FBI associate who just needed something more out of his retirement, and took a job as a school bus driver. His next chapter of life means safely transporting children to and from school, a great way for him to give back to his community. Now is an ideal time to focus on your “next chapter.” Just because you have worked your whole career in one field does not mean you do not have the skillset for another. You can re-write your next chapter and edit it to be the best chapter you have ever written.

All of us have different seasons of life that spawn different priorities and passions. The feeling of being stuck and weighed down in one thing can be crushing and impede your drive to find what is inevitably awaiting you. At Crosworks, we have developed a proprietary program called Next Chapter, that incorporates what is important to you to succeed within your next chapter of life. Considering the many facets of your personal and professional goals, together we can evaluate your aspirations, family responsibilities, health, financial needs, and personal development and provide you the tools you need to gain clarity and focus, both personally and professionally.

Who Benefits from Next Chapter?

  • Individuals considering a later-career job change or transition
  • Individuals looking to leverage their experience to become entrepreneurs
  • Later-career job seekers due to unexpected events
  • Individuals ready to “undo” a too-early retirement

At Crosworks, we understand and encourage people to “change their minds” and explore whatever it is that will bring them fulfillment and happiness. We want to help you define and find the right opportunity, regardless of your experience, situation, or age. With this program you will examine yourself through self-reflection, commitment, being open-minded, and taking action. Contact us today to start drafting your next chapter.

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