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What IS executive coaching? Why should you consider executive coaching?

Crosworks Executive Coaching starts with one-on-one assessment, reflection and analysis to fully understand your natural leadership and management tendencies. It also includes setting goals and then coaching and sharing new practices and knowledge. We also meet regularly to discuss real world applications and test new techniques in order to help an individual improve their effectiveness as a leader and team member in the office. We work closely with all sizes of organizations from start-up to multi-billion dollar international companies, for profit and non-profit, across a variety of industries to help their rising leaders realize their full potential.

So, now that we are all on the same page regarding the topic, why should you consider executive coaching, for yourself, or another leader in your life?

You’re new to the job

Congratulations! Whether you have received a promotion, a transfer, or an entirely new role, you’ve made it into a leadership role. Now it’s the time to do your best to newly manage a group of employees – sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, management is a pretty big deal (not convinced? Check out our blog on Why Management Matters). Back in 2016, Swedish researchers studied the impact of poor management in the workplace at the Stress Research Institute, and their findings are a big chilling for managers, in and out of Stockholm! According to the study, employees under a boss they “didn’t respect” were a startling sixty percent more likely to suffer a heart attack, or another life-altering heart condition! Some other less frightening statistics, however still noteworthy, on poor management include:

  • an organization can be up to 50% less productive than it should be, with poor management at the helm
  • 65% of employees would rather take new management over a pay raise
  • 87% of companies agree that they fail to develop leaders – at any level – to the extent that is necessary

With specific emphasis on the final point, we bring the focus back to executive coaching. Are you ready to manage your employees, understanding the vital importance of leadership? We can help!

Your company is going through a structural shift

There are many things that can change the operations of your company. Shifts in the economy or labor market, global conditions, top management budget cuts or firm structure changes… and any of the aforementioned can cause a ripple effect down the line. Additionally, whether you are the CEO making some of these changes, or an operating manager hearing about them, there will be a management style specific to the situation that can best deal with the impact. Our coaches can guide you in managing any and all scenarios, and help you feel confident about your leadership.

You want to be the best boss you can be!

At Crosworks, we begin executive coaching by analyzing how you perform alone, before looking at how you work with others. Furthermore, we believe that management is an inherent skill to other characteristics, like respect and dedication. We work with you to develop all the necessary base-skills before the environment that you manage. With this method, we can tailor your coaching to any work atmosphere, which is why we support coaches at all levels of management. Your company does not have to be going through a shift, nor do you have to be new to the job, to improve your leadership skills. Let us help you be the best boss you can be!

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