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Nobody wants to be the person that others roll their eyes at during work hours. But the reality is, we sometimes bring those perceptions onto ourselves with our behaviors. In order to be the team member that everyone loves working with, we have to reflect on our own actions and how they’re perceived. Here are four things you might be doing at work that rub your coworkers the wrong way.

Replying All

It’s not just about hitting reply all through email but wasting people’s time in general. If you have a problem that isn’t relevant to others, ask your manager. Everyone has issues they’re trying to resolve in the workplace; we can’t carry everyone’s burdens.

Crying wolf

Sometimes, there are emergencies. These should be brought to someone’s attention to be addressed immediately. Differentiating between what is a true emergency and what is just an issue (that can wait) will be appreciated by your manager and your co-workers. 

Going off-task

Meetings should be purposeful and focused. The reason for this focus is not only to save people’s time but also to give everyone a sense of clarity and direction for the task at hand. Discussing things off-topic shows a lack of respect and discipline. 

Not acknowledging them

When you need something, recognizing that co-workers also have priorities and deadlines will elicit a much better response. Plan accordingly and approach them politely and respectfully. Do not make your lack of planning their issue.  

Do you see yourself doing one or more of these things at work? There may be other habits, too, that you don’t recognize. Developing stronger self-awareness is a process and a career coach can guide you. Find out about Crosworks’ services and processes for individuals. And don’t worry, the introductory call is free and doesn’t commit you to anything. 

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