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Crosworks proven career coaching methods hinge on our personalized approach, depth of experience, and one of the most powerful assessment tools available: the Birkman Method®.

This instrument, covering as much ground as several tests, takes an individual’s responses and compares them to behavioral and occupational data from more than 3 million other people. By identifying one’s key strengths, motivations and interests, we match individuals with their best-fit work environment, students with the right academic and career path and organizations arrive at best-fit solutions for their human resource needs.

Our services assist individuals in finding their best-fit job through our career assessment, job search strategies and career coaching. Students will become more informed, focused, and better equipped to make decisions about their college preparation and professional careers. Organizations will overcome workplace challenges, from leadership issues to structural reorganizations, from strategic initiatives to conflict resolution. We offer assistance with transition management and outplace services, team building programs, leadership coaching and development, group career transition services and key employee selection.

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Personalized career-strategy services for people from all different backgrounds and industries. We start at the beginning with each client—examining your goals, accomplishments, motivations, work style, and interests in order to develop your personalized career plan. Learn More…

Designed specifically for students planning for college, currently enrolled and recent college graduates. Our programs use self-discovery to help students become more informed, focused, and better equipped to make decisions about their college path and entry level careers.  Learn More…

For more than 30 years, Crosworks has been a trusted HR consultant to organizations of all sizes and types, from family owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Our approach will help your managers improve productivity, teamwork, and performance; and yield tangible bottom-line results. Learn More…

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