We often hear business leaders say “Our people are our most valuable asset.” But how much of that potential is actually being tapped? A recent survey by a nationally recognized polling company found that 52% of Americans who work full-time reported being “not engaged,” and another 18% reported themselves “totally disengaged.” Aside from the direct costs ($550 billion annually in lost productivity, absenteeism, and healthcare expenses), this represents huge losses in missed opportunity. What if you could recoup some of that lost productivity without incurring unnecessary hiring expenses? Let us show you how.


From family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies, to statewide and even global non-profits. We’ve successfully addressed the gamut of workplace challenges, from leadership issues to structural reorganizations, from strategic initiatives to conflict resolution. Our unique Birkman Method approach—getting to the heart of motivation and workplace dynamics—will help your managers convert the disengaged to the engaged; improve productivity, teamwork, and performance; and yield tangible bottom-line results.

Transition Management & Outplacement Services

The better you plan for change, the less disruptive it will become. Crosworks has guided organizations through watershed events, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, spin-offs, and various types of internal restructuring. With customized programs tailored to your business objectives, we help you communicate clearly, minimize stress, and engender trust while preparing your staff, teams, and managers to move forward. Learn More…

Team Effectiveness

Different perspectives. Talents. Approaches. Values. The very things that make a team strong can also drive it apart, especially under stressful conditions. Applying the Birkman Method, we’re able to help people understand their own—and their teammates’—strengths, needs, and workplace behaviors, and how to complement and capitalize on each others’ differences. The result: mutual reliance, common goals, and markedly improved team performance. Learn More…

Leadership Coaching & Development

When it comes to inspiring, training, supporting, developing and rewarding employees, there is no universal answer. What works best depends entirely on who’s on the receiving end. Through our in-depth, one-on-one coaching services, we help managers understand their own strengths, perceptions, and tendencies, then learn how to adapt their style to bring out each employee’s maximum potential. Collectively yielding more engagement, more commitment, more ideas, more wins. Learn More…

Career Transition Services for Groups

Crosworks has guided many organizations through watershed events, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, spin-offs, and various types of internal restructuring. Drawing upon this experience, we can help you build effective management systems to elicit better on-the-job performance from your leaders and employees while also assisting those who are no longer in the right spot. Learn More… 

Key Employee Selection & Onboarding

We help you determine how a candidate will fit with other key leaders of the organization. We verify strengths and needs and perform a behavior-based interview to help clarify the candidate’s skills and interests. We will also examine how the individual will perform within the existing organizational culture. Learn More…

Our Approach

Our proven method hinges on our personalized approach, depth of experience, and one of the most powerful assessment tools available: the Birkman Method®. This single instrument, covering as much ground as several tests, takes an individual’s responses and compares them to behavioral and occupational data from more than 3 million other people. By identifying one’s key strengths, motivations and interests, we can match individuals with their best-fit work environment. And help organizations arrive at best-fit solutions for their human resource needs. Learn More…

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