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Leadership Coaching

When it comes to inspiring, training, supporting, developing, or rewarding employees, there’s no universal answer. What works best depends entirely upon who’s on the receiving end. Through our in-depth, one-on-one leadership coaching services, we help each manager understand their own strengths, perceptions, and tendencies, then learn how to adapt their style to bring out each employee’s maximum potential. Collectively yielding more engagement, more commitment, more ideas, more wins.

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How Leadership Coaching Can Benefit An Organization

In the Crosworks model, better management starts with managing one’s self. And that requires learning your own patterns. Under the wrong conditions, characteristic strengths become so exaggerated they actually hinder you. For example, planning veers into rigidity. High expectations turn to hypercriticism. Reflectiveness degrades to indecisiveness. Using the Birkman Method and other assessment tools, we help you understand your optimum work environment, your stress triggers, and what to do to maintain peak functioning and be your best self. From there, we explore interacting with colleagues and co-workers, and how to mesh with each particular work style—including those opposite from yours—to achieve the best results.

Greater engagement levels, as well as other positive effects, will ripple through a workgroup, sometimes even the entire organization. Specific goals we can help you tackle:

  • Acclimating a manager new to the position or responsibilities
  • Improvements in communication, time management, delegation, and other management skills
  • Increased team productivity
  • Decreased attrition rate
  • Enhanced interpersonal relations
  • Better outcomes in customer or client satisfaction

What’s Involved

Tailored to organizational and individual needs—including flexible scheduling, the program can encompass private sessions, 360 degree review, and sessions with colleagues and co-workers. For the leadership participant, it involves:

  • Regularly scheduled meetings in person or online, over a 6- to 12-month period
  • In-depth assessment of your skills, values, interests, and behaviors
  • Goal setting and a personalized action plan to improve your management performance
  • Ongoing monitoring and progress assessment
  • Followup after the contract period to keep you on track for success

We pledge our confidentiality, objectivity, fairness, and honesty throughout the process.

The Birkman Advantage re: Management

A 40-something, fast-track executive with a background in sales was promoted to head the research division of an East Coast company. His direct reports—chemical engineers and lab technicians—were big thinker analytical types who abhorred the new boss’ “salesy” style. A coach certified in the Birkman Method helped the manager understand why his usual conduct was causing problems, and how he could remedy the situation. He started providing a comprehensive agenda well in advance of each meeting. Giving the scientists all the data they could chew on. Not taking offense when the critical analysis started. And giving them time to make decisions and reach consensus. Thanks to his new perspective and approach, the manager earned respect, trust—and great work—from his team. They, in turn, received greater recognition within the company.

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