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The very things that make a team stronger can also drive it apart. Especially under stressful conditions. Applying the Birkman Method Assessment, we’re able to help people understand their own—and their teammates’—strengths, needs, and workplace behaviors, and how to complement and capitalize on each others’ differences. The result: mutual reliance, common goals, and markedly improved team performance.


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Team Effectiveness

Why does the Birkman Method work so well? It penetrates beyond the surface of usual behavior (how an individual normally acts) to reveal deeper, underlying motivations (the kind of interaction and work environment the individual needs to thrive). It also very accurately predicts what happens when needs go unmet. For example, a stress situation may lead to:

  • one person becoming terse, another becoming oversensitive
  • one person withdrawing from the group, another seeking everyone’s opinion
  • one person flouting routine, another becoming lost in busywork
  • one person blaming others for mistakes, another holding themselves accountable for everything

With skewed perceptions fueling negative interaction, it’s no wonder conflicts arise. As internationally renowned leadership coach Peter Koestenbaum says, 90% percent of loss in organizations is due to a lack of intra- and interpersonal skills.

Implementing Our Services

Although we tailor our program to each organization’s goals and budget, the usual format includes personal sessions with each team member, followed by a half-day workshop with the entire group. Our proven techniques will benefit:


  • regular day-to-day workgroups
  • teams assembled for a special project, pitch, or initiative
  • management teams
  • cross-functional or interdisciplinary teams
  • geographically dispersed teams, including individuals working remotely
  • your organization as a whole

The Birkman Advantage re: Transitions

The two owners of a prominent independent business with a 42-year history brought in two new partners, intending them to ultimately take over. However, with no clearly defined structure, everyone weighing in on every decision, and conflicting work styles in action, the transition was bogging down the business. Using the Birkman Method assessment, a consultant was able to clearly identify each person’s strengths (systems vs. persuasiveness vs. strategy vs. detail), define their roles, and improve interaction so they could all execute well. During and after the ownership change, the company operated smoothly, enjoyed continued growth, and retained every single employee.

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