Career Assessment & Appraisal

Career Assessment

Finding fulfilling work starts with knowing what exactly would be fulfilling–for you personally. Whether you’re considering a career transition, trying to advance to the next level, or just searching for some answers, our in-depth career assessment process and expert career coaching will help you understand your needs, define your goals, and chart your path.


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Career Identity

Your personality, talents, upbringing, and experience shape not only your personal identity, but your career identity as well. To help you discover “who you are” professionally, we will guide you one-on-one in exploring your:

Skills: what you’re good at

Interests: what you’re drawn to

Values: what’s important to you

Motivational needs: your work style and how you relate to others

The process involves reflection and introspection, balanced by a comprehensive, comparative personality assessment.

First, a careful review of your accomplishments, and “unpacking” the skills involved in each, will identify your particular strengths. Through additional structured exercises, we’ll help you ascertain your interests and values (which could be very different now than they were just 5 years ago.)

Using the Birkman Method assessment­—a unique tool that draws upon occupational and behavioral profiles from more than 3 million people—we’ll provide a composite picture of you and your best-fit work environment. Lastly, we’ll put all the pieces together into a strategic career development template­—your personal go-to-market strategy detailing what you have to offer, and how to evaluate potential opportunities so that you can perform at your best.

Career Tune-up

With changes in job responsibilities, co-workers, supervisors, and just the work world in general, career success is a moving target. Yet your career identity remains a constant. Because of the in-depth insights we gain about you during the Career Assessment and Appraisal© process, we’re uniquely qualified to provide periodic progress checks and assistance during times of challenge. For example, we can help you answer questions such as:

  • Does this career still fit?
  • Are working conditions motivating my desire for change?
  • Do I understand my work personality and the type of environment I prefer?
  • Have I acquired new skills I’d like to use, but haven’t had the opportunity?

In other words, the Career Assessment Tune-up serves as your benchmark­, keeping you on course and eliminating any need to backtrack.

Thinking of changing careers?

There are practical as well as professional aspects to consider. For example:

  • Can you enter another occupation without retraining or further education?
  • What will you be giving up and what will you be gaining by making the change?
  • Are there ways you could try on a new career without quitting your current job?

Having facilitated transitions for a myriad of clients, Crosworks shows you how to approach the process, evaluate viable options, and if you do want to pursue a change, formulate a successful plan.

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