Individual Career Counseling

Expert Career Counseling

Even when you’re established in a profession, you can benefit from expert individual career counseling and the practical solutions and essential guidance provided. Utilizing our unique work-life assessment tools, and drawing upon more than 30 years of experience, we help clients overcome challenges, fine-tune their skills, achieve ambitious career goals, and find professional and personal fulfillment.

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When is Career Counseling the Answer ?

While the needs and solutions are as varied as our clients, here are some situations where coaching can be particularly beneficial.

  • You’re stuck in the same old, unproductive behavior patterns
  • You feel like you’re not performing up to your potential
  • You’ve joined a new organization and need to adjust to its culture and demands
  • You’ve taken on a new role, with new and greater responsibilities
  • You’re trying to position yourself for advancement or a career change

Whatever your immediate or long-term goals, we will design a customized program to meet your needs, expectations, and budget.

What is involved?

  • Regularly scheduled meetings in person, by phone, or online
  • In-depth assessment of your skills, values, interests, and behaviors
  • A personalized plan of action to improve your performance as an executive, manager, or professional
  • Ongoing monitoring and progress assessment
  • Follow-up after the contract period to keep you on track for success

We pledge confidentiality, objectivity, fairness, and honesty throughout the process.

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