Job Search Strategies

Resumes. Networking. Interviewing. The tools used in job search strategies may be familiar, but this ultra-competitive, digitally-driven environment demands a whole new approach for each. Using techniques as comprehensive as they are current, we’ll arm you with the tools to tap the hidden job market, communicate your strengths, and position yourself to maximum advantage.

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The Resume: Your Point of Difference

Did you know the average time spent screening a resume is 4 to 7 seconds? With HR professionals’ time so scarce, and computer scanning so prevalent, your resume needs to pass the test for concise, convincing, and capable. We’ll show you how to organize your qualifications, and distill and describe your career accomplishments—in concrete, measurable terms—so that an employer quickly understands what you have to offer and how you can advance their objectives.

Job Search Strategies, Networking, and the Inside Edge

A Harvard study, by Granovetter, showed more than 75% of jobs were found through informal sources. (All those fresh job listings already “filled from within”? That’s the hidden job market in action.) Through explicit coaching—covering everything from your LinkedIn profile to sample scripts for phone calls—we’ll teach you the art of networking to grow your contact list, earn the backing of industry professionals, and get an inside edge on opportunities.

On the research side, we’ll direct you to the most targeted, robust sources, and show you how to harness the technology to get accurate, actionable information. For example, using LinkedIn to:

Research a specific industry or company

Identify prominent associations for the industry

See what particular skill sets companies are looking for

Get names of key personnel such as hiring managers

There’s a lot of information out there. Our tools and techniques will help you zero in on what you really need to know, at every stage of the search.

Job Interview Prep and Practice

Every job interview is a conversation, but the subtext remains: “Are you right for this job?” With our comprehensive preparation and practice, you’ll be able to anticipate, react, respond, and guide the conversation strategically, reinforcing your strengths and suitability for the position.

We take you step by step through the many components of preparation, including:

  • Defining the parameters (type, duration, etc.) of the interview itself
  • Gathering the right background research
  • Selecting and cultivating your best references
  • Questions to expect – and how to formulate favorable responses
  • How to downplay shortcomings and address objections
  • Conversational techniques (like what to do if you get stuck)
  • Presentation style (non-verbal cues, conduct, body language)
  • Follow-up and takeaways (networking contacts, self evaluation)

Interviews, while focused on the candidate, can also afford crucial insight into the organization, team members, and work situation. We give you the right questions to ask, at the right times, to ensure the position is one where you can succeed.

To put all the preparation into action, we role-play a practice interview with you, record it, analyze the interaction, and give you specific suggestions for projecting confidence and professionalism when you’re face to face with an interviewer.

Evaluating and Negotiating the Offer

Salary. Benefits. Training. Opportunities. Responsibilities. Workload. Travel. There are many facets to consider when evaluating a particular position—and the compensation that goes along with it. We work with you early in the search process to line up your personal set of criteria, specifying what’s essential vs. minimally important, so you have a baseline to judge each offer against. Drilling down to financial matters, we explain how to look at the compensation package piecemeal, as a whole, and in the context of industry averages and ranges. Using this information and your criteria set as the basis of your negotiation strategy, we’ll teach you how to respectfully advocate your worth, engage in give and take, and achieve the best outcome possible.

Planning a Relocation?

Your partner got a fantastic opportunity in another state. Or you’re trying to move closer to family. Or you always wanted to live in a certain city, and it’s now or never. Whatever the motivation, we can assist with the job transition. Adapting our strategies for the specific challenges of a remote search, we’ll show you how to tap into resources and lay the groundwork for a successful fresh start.

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