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A compelling, personalized resume is a marketing tool that opens doors and lands interviews. At Crosworks, we take the time to understand your goals and your strengths, capture your authentic voice, and deliver a message that resonates with employers.

We offer resume writing for clients that range from entry-level to CEO, and across various professions. From accountants, engineers, and marketing executives to software innovators, educators, physicians, and financial advisors.

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Our accredited resume writers provide you with a tool that strategically articulates your value and speaks to employer needs.

We’re on top of the most current trends in resume writing and design, as well as the current employment landscape across industries. Our accredited resume writers and career counselors have developed a strategic process that enables us to assess your goals, articulate your skills and work history, and effectively market your success and accomplishments. We know what applicant tracking systems, but more importantly the people using them, are looking for in a resume.

Linkedin? Yes, we do that, too.

Recruiters and employers tell us over and over again that it is important that your professional online profile be up-to-date and that your online profile settings matter. Already have a profile? Not sure where to start? Regardless, we can help you out.

Our professional resume writers will translate your resume to an authentic, professional online story. This way both employers and recruiters who are doing their research can find you and you can feel proud about what they find.

Your part in the Crosworks Resume Process Includes:

  • Completing a questionnaire to highlight your key accomplishments and skills.
  • Sharing what you do best and how you uniquely do it.
  • Identifying target roles to help hone your professional brand.

This process not only gives you a compelling resume to market to potential employers during your job search, but it helps you to better articulate your experiences, hone your focus, update your online profile and boost your confidence during interviews.


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